Desserts with a difference

Got a serious sweet tooth? You’re in luck because these days, desserts are no longer simply after dinner treats, but have become an experience in their own right. Apart from the usual restaurant dessert menu, there are also plenty of eateries dedicated solely to desserts from various cultures which will satisfy any craving you may have.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

The concept conjures up memories of high school chemistry lessons, but this innovative new style of ice cream creates intensely smooth and creamy flavours due to the blast of liquid nitrogen which freezes the cream mix instantly. Try N2 Extreme Gelato bar for their eccentric flavours such as Buttered Popcorn or Cough Syrup if you’re feeling adventurous.

Crème Brulee

The quintessential French dessert has been given a makeover, with some restaurants exploring quirky new flavours to infuse into the eggy custard which lies underneath a perfectly blowtorched layer of sugar. There’s nothing more satisfying than cracking open that crusty sugar layer with the back of a spoon to taste a lovely exotic pandan custard, which is the signature dessert at the Green Peppercorn.

Dessert Train

Can’t decide what to have for dessert? You can take your time making up your mind at the fanciful Dessert Train by Adriano Zumbo at The Star which is modelled on a sushi train with colour coded plates. It offers up a selection of Zumbo’s impeccably presented cakes like the famous V8 cake (as featured on Masterchef) and whimsical macarons (a.k.a “zumberons”) in mouthwatering flavours for you to choose from as they zoom past on the conveyor belt.

Asian Desserts

First there was the pearl milk tea craze, now the next new trend for Asian desserts is for herbal jellies in a sweet syrupy soup served hot or cold. You can choose from a dizzying range of combinations of pearls or taro balls with red bean or black sticky rice. The interesting flavours may take some getting used to but these desserts are a very comforting option on a cold night. Chains like Meet Fresh, ZenQ and Dessert Story specialise in these desserts and also shaved ice desserts with ice cream and fresh fruits like mango and strawberry which are perfect to cool down with in summer.


An obsession with fine chocolate has gripped the nation with new chocolateries popping up left, right and centre. These luxurious chocolate cafes serve up decadent desserts which are exquisitely crafted to be on par with those offered at fine dining. There’s also delectable premium cocoa in the liquid form if you don’t feel like nibbling. If you’re looking for something to takeaway, they often have impressive display cases filled with every type of chocolate truffle imaginable. Try Princess Coco and Koko Black to indulge yourself.

Frozen Yoghurt

Long gone are the days where you need to freeze your own yoghurt in the freezer for a healthy sweet treat. Nowadays, many frozen yoghurt (or ‘froyo’) parlours are popping up all over the place. They offer a range of flavours including green tea, blueberry and biscotti and feature toppings such as various fruits, lollies, cookies, chocolates, cereal – just about anything you can think of. And the best thing is that most of these are 98 per cent fat free, allowing you to indulge guilt free. Our top picks include WowcowNoggi and Moochi.

Have you found any new desserts that strike your fancy? What’s your favourite dessert? Let us know in the comments below!


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