Three Blue Ducks, Bronte

There’s been a lot of hype around Three Blue Ducks, opened by a couple of Tetsuya trained chefs in Bronte and featuring a much more laidback approach to fine dining with surprisingly affordable pricing of $17 per course. We rocked up early on a Saturday night at 6pm as they do 2 seatings for dinner (the other starts at 8.30pm) and admired the colourful graffiti adorning their walls, both inside and out in the alleyway which you enter from.

You can order the Chef’s Degustation menu ($65 for 4 courses or $80 for 5 courses) but that means you don’t have any control over which dishes come out, so we decide to select our own dishes by mixing and matching from the menu which is split into 4 courses with a few choices in each.

It was hard to pick between all the different options but eventually we settled on a balanced mix of seafood and meat which me and the boy shared between 2 of us. Our first course was the simply presented Snapper Ceviche, which was wonderfully fresh and zesty thanks to the generous amount of flavoursome sauce drizzled on top of the diced raw fish.

Snapper Ceviche, $17

Next up we had the Mussels, Clams and Lemongrass which was served in a bowl with plenty of sauce. It was a Thai inspired dish which tasted quite exotic due to the lemongrass and the thin, flaky roti style bread which accompanied it was perfect for dipping into the flavoursome sauce. Both types of shellfish featured in the dish were juicy and had absorbed the strong flavours of the sauce well.

Mussels, clams and lemongrass, $17

Round 3 of the meal featured a couple of their meat dishes like the Duck, Rhubarb and Liquorice dish even though we had some misgivings about some of the elements of the dish from the description on the menu. The duck was appropriately tender and the Rhubarb and Liquorice scents were not as overpowering as we had been worried they would be.

Duck, Rhubarb, Liquorice, $17

Our dessert was the interesting combination of Mandarin, Chocolate and Sea Lettuce. It was artfully presented and luckily the last component of the dish wasn’t too prominently used as it was a bit odd to taste. The mandarin was the star of the dish due to its freshly fragrant notes and went surprisingly well with the smooth, delectable chocolate used.

Mandarin, Chocolate and Sea Lettuce, $17

Overall, we were blown away by the interplay of flavours and textures featured in each of their dishes as the chefs’ time in the Tetsuya’s kitchen clearly shone through to weave some magic with fairly simple ingredients. Three Blue Ducks offers a middle ground between the full service fine dining you expect at the top restaurants in Sydney but still serves up lovely refined food in terms of taste and presentation, in a much more relaxed and friendly environment at affordable price points.

Three Blue Ducks
143 Macpherson Street
Bronte NSW 2024
Phone:(02) 9389 0010

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