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Brunch and afternoon tea on the North Shore: Salvage Specialty Coffee, Artarmon and Kurtosh, Crows Nest

Salvage Specialty Coffee

A friend of ours who loves his coffee recently mentioned a fantastic cafe in Artarmon called Salvage Specialty Coffee which he’s been meaning to try. He enticed us to join him by letting us know that Salvage does a decent brunch too, so we duly headed over on a Saturday morning. The cafe is in the middle of the mini Japan-town side of Artarmon station and even though I go to that area quite often for dinner, I have never noticed Salvage before as it’s only open during the day.

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Taipei Chef Restaurant, Artarmon

I’m always on the lookout for small, unknown restaurants which might pleasantly surprise you with some excellent food. Artarmon isn’t an area I am at too often, but I happened to be in the area with my friend the other week. She told me she had recently gone to Taipei Chef, and since we were in the area we decided to grab lunch there.

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