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Favoloso, Bronte

Whilst walking around the Bronte area, we stumbled upon the Sicilian inspired cafe/deli combo called Favoloso at the crossroads of an intersection. We needed some sustenance before attempting the coastal walk from Bronte to Bondi via Tamarama, so we found ourselves a table inside. In the past, suburban cafe/delis seemed to exist due to convenience, being an all-in-one spot to pick up some groceries and grab a coffee or sandwich. Favoloso is a modern incarnation of this concept – it feels much more like a cafe with a deli conveniently tacked on, rather than the other way around, thanks to their chic red interior and Italian framed posters on the wall in the dining area.

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Three Blue Ducks, Bronte

There’s been a lot of hype around Three Blue Ducks, opened by a couple of Tetsuya trained chefs in Bronte and featuring a much more laidback approach to fine dining with surprisingly affordable pricing of $17 per course. We rocked up early on a Saturday night at 6pm as they do 2 seatings for dinner (the other starts at 8.30pm) and admired the colourful graffiti adorning their walls, both inside and out in the alleyway which you enter from.

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