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The Sandwich Hero – Super Sandwich Deliveries!

Is it a bird? Or a plane? No, it’s Superman…or one of his many superhero friends riding a Vespa and holding a sandwich! The Sandwich Hero is one of the most interesting food services to shake up Sydney, offering sandwich deliveries from superheroes to the many CBD offices throughout Sydney.

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Hungry Mondays

Ever find yourself extremely hungry, but too lazy to cook and not wanting to eat unhealthy restaurant takeaway food? That’s where Hungry Mondays comes in! It’s such a brilliant concept I can’t believe no one has thought of it before.

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Essen Restaurant & Beer Cafe, Broadway

Eating challenges are always good fun, but definitely not for the faint hearted. Today we are visiting Essen to check out the hype around their latest challenge aptly named “Jurassic Pork”, and getting a sampler of this monstrous beast.

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Essen Restaurant & Beer Cafe, Broadway

Essen is one of those restaurants that hide in plain sight – countless people must go past this busy strip of Broadway every day on buses and not notice this spacious yet homely German restaurant just a block away from The Abercrombie. They serve up hearty fare with plenty of different kinds of beer (naturally) to transport the essence of German cuisine to the heart of Sydney.

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The Abercrombie, Ultimo

I’ve had multiple friends tell me about a fried Golden Gaytime that is available somewhere in Sydney. Seeing as fried ice cream is possibly the greatest dessert ever invented, I definitely needed to give this a go.

Abercrombie Hotel is situated about 10 minutes walk from Central Station and is right across the road from the UTS IT/Engineering building (B10). It looks extremely dingy on the outside but the inside has been revamped and now houses food, drinks and several party events. I’m here on a Saturday afternoon and it’s very quiet at this time, but this just means that my food will be cooked quicker!

Deep Fried Golden Gaytime – $7

First up is the legendary fried Golden Gaytime. Covered in a batter coating, it is served on the stick and has caramel sauce drizzled over it. I find that the ice cream melts pretty quickly but regardless, the caramel and honeycomb flavours go amazingly with that fried batter.

Deep Fried Pizza with Gravy – $9

Since we were having afternoon snacks, we thought we’d try the next most unconventional menu item – fried pizza! For this dish, a pepperoni and salami pizza had been sliced into small triangles, fried individually and served with a pot of gravy. The pizza had a lot of oil still attached to it when I picked it up, and combined with the very flavoursome gravy, this dish was a very heavy meal. I would NOT recommend eating this by yourself as it’s probably a heart attack waiting to happen (metaphorically speaking)*. It’s best shared in a large group as after two pieces, I found myself struggling to finish the dish because it was simply too heavy.

All in all, the food at Abercrombie Hotel is not for the faint hearted. Aside from these two dishes which we tried, the rest of the menu boasts some other delicious dishes such as chilli dogs, nachos and burgers and all at very affordable prices. I know I’ll definitely be back again for the Gaytime and to try some more dishes…and be prepared for an exercise session after!

* The comment of “a heart attack waiting to happen” should not be taken literally and is simply a play on words!

The Abercrombie
100 Broadway Ultimo NSW 2007
(02)9211 3486

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