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Espresso Organica, Concord

Recently I started running every Saturday morning in the Drummoyne area and having a cafe lunch afterwards. This week my good friend suggested we head to the Concord area as there was a cafe she had been to that was highly recommended.

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Kokoro Japanese Restaurant, Concord

I wouldn’t normally discover restaurants in less bustling suburbs or those not near a train station but I guess that’s the advantage of being able to drive! Recommended by a friend, our party of three drove three cars (enviro-killers…) to Kokoro, a Japanese restaurant in Concord. To my surprise, there is a whole strip of restaurants hidden here so visits to neighbouring restaurants is a must in the future.

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Jackie M, Concord

After reading a review on another food blog about the delicious Malaysian food at Jackie M – I made a mental note to head over to Concord and try it out. On my hitlist was their Hainan Chicken rice, which is one of my favourite dishes of this cuisine.

Unfortunately, on that rainy night, the boy and I ventured to Jackie M we found out that the Hainan Chicken Rice has been erased off this menu and is “no longer available”. I was slightly devastated but since we had already made the trip to Concord, we thought we’d try out some of their other offerings. We settle on chicken satays to start, with mains consisting of chicken laksa and the char kway teoh, also with chicken.

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