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Fika Swedish Kitchen, Manly

Tucked away in a laneway in Manly is Fika Swedish Kitchen, a small and homely cafe that opened last year. Characterised by beautiful and modern designs which the Swedish are so well known for, they’ve gone all out to transport you halfway across the world – the concrete floor has been painted to mimic the iconic Segels torg, framed on the walls are famous Swedish brands and in the back corner is even a cupboard selling imported snacks. Attention to detail is key here to their authenticity.

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Whitewater Restaurant, Manly

It’s refreshing to see that Manly is becoming more of a foodie haven, following in the footsteps of its more famous beachy cousin Bondi, which is home to some top notch restaurants making the most of their scenic location. Whitewater Restaurant is just one of the many restaurants lining the main promenade facing Manly beach. When we drop by for lunch on a picture perfect summer weekend, we are lucky to be seated on one of the outdoor facing tables which lets us soak up the stunning view.

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misschu Tuckshop, Manly

The misschu tuckshops have been popping up all over Sydney lately and now one has set up shop in Manly, conveniently at the junction between the Manly ferry wharf and the promenade leading to Manly beach. The design of the place follows the familiar elements of their tuckshops elsewhere in Sydney – plenty of repurposed furniture (think ironing board tables and milk crates with cushions), hanging lights with china bowl shades and blackboards everywhere with menu items scribbled on. Apart from those signature items, the essence of Manly is incorporated into the decor with the canvas and wooden beach chairs in the corner outside, which we make a beeline for and relax into as we wait for our order.

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Hemingway’s, Manly

When I think of Manly, I think of a beachy suburb with all the usual tourist traps – fast food and overpriced waterfront restaurants, but in the last few years Manly seems to have undergone a transformation and now boasts quite a few funky cafes like Hemingway’s, which features cute touches like menus inside books and water served in a gin bottle as odes to the great author himself. Ernest Hemingway’s face is even on their sign in case you didn’t realise the reference in their name, and the bookshelves and printed quotes on the white walls are another 2 dead giveaways.

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