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SoCal, Neutral Bay

SoCal has been open for less than a year but is already a hit with Sydneysiders all over. Nestled just off the busy Military Rd, Neutral, they bring to the area a southern Californian surf vibe and theme featuring lots of bite-sized eats (perfect for sharing!) and cocktails too. They’re owned by the same guys who opened The Botanist and the last time I visited SoCal, I absolutely loved their food! This time I’m visiting on a Tuesday as part of a food bloggers social event and it’s near packed out – pretty impressive for a weeknight.

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Tomahawk Steak Challenge at The Oaks Hotel, Neutral Bay

The Oaks Hotel is a favourite among locals, offering a true steakhouse experience with an in house butcher, a huge range of steak cuts and even the option to master your own meal at the cook-your-own steak station. They’ve also recently added the Tomahawk Steak to the menu, which is one of the largest steak cuts (averaging 1.8kg per serving). I may have lost my mind today as I decided to step up to the challenge of eating it.

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Izakaya Samurai, Neutral Bay

Tucked away on the main Military Road of Neutral Bay is the Japanese restaurant Izakaya Samurai (previously known as Sushi Samurai). They’re part of a wider Japanese restaurant group which also includes Yebisu Izakaya. The food and drinks menu here is huge and can be ordered on their iPad selection system (similar to Yebisu Izakaya), with multiple categories including fried dishes, sushi and sashimi, yakitori, rice/noodles and more! Most of the dishes are small and designed for sharing (izakayas are traditionally drinking establishments in Japan with small bar dishes) so it’s ideal to visit in a group.

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Sushi Samurai, Neutral Bay

This restaurant has rebranded to Izakaya Samurai.

Over the years I’ve heard people rave about Sushi Samurai but somehow I never got around to trying this place. It’s located just across from Ju Ge Mu and Shimbashi, and gives it a run for its money in terms of popularity. We turned up without a booking early on a Sunday night and still had to wait for 5 minutes for a table for two because the place was just packed out.

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Tamageta-ya, Neutral Bay

Today we have a special guest post from our dear friend Fiona! Unfortunately she fractured her leg a while back (which is still healing) but thankfully she can still eat, take photos and write. Get better soon and thank you for the guest post :)

Thanks to spotting an advertisement promoting a Grand Opening Special of 50% off all items on the menu (no longer available), we embarked to visit Tamageta-ya, the newly opened sister restaurant of Sushi Samurai (located right next door) at Neutral Bay. Tamageta-ya is almost hidden if not for the Japanese Door Curtain Tapestry (noren) at the front. There is also another entrance at the back where there is a small courtyard for alfresco dining.

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