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mojo by Luke Mangan, Waterloo

One of celebrity chef Luke Mangan’s newer ventures is the trendy wine and tapas bar called mojo, located at his new headquarters in the vibrant Danks Street area. mojo’s spacious warehouse setting gives it a much more laidback vibe compared to Luke Mangan’s sleek Glass Brasserie restaurant at the Hilton. The casual atmosphere is enhanced by the bright, playful and modern decorations which pay homage to the functional nature of the warehouse, with large wooden signs indicating the destination of the crates of Luke Mangan products hanging above the bar and a working test kitchen hidden up the back of the space too.

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Crave Sydney: Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, Waterloo

If you love an excuse to dress up in theme and enjoy good food, then the Mad Hatters Tea Party is one event you shouldn’t miss during the annual Crave Sydney Food Festival in October. It’s a rare opportunity to fall down the rabbit hole by indulging in the flavours and textures of a culinary wonderland…

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Danks Street Depot, Waterloo

This restaurant has now closed.

Brunch, an amalgamation of breakfast and lunch. One of the more popular meals often found on a weekend by those who have slept in past breakfast but are hungry before the lunch period. Today I find myself at Danks Street Depot on a Saturday morning enjoying brunch with a couple friends – what a better way to kick start the weekend!

Danks Street Depot is located in Waterloo, the home of outlets and also one of the Hillsong Church branches. This meant that parking was a bit difficult to find but after circling around a while we managed to find a spot. When arriving, I noticed that the ‘depot’ looks just like that; it looks like a warehouse that was chopped in half and redecorated to look like a cafe. There is a lot of natural light flowing in and the environment is non-pretentious, perfect for hanging out or as I like to call it ‘chillaxing’.

One glance at the menu shows that the prices are a bit higher than what I am accustomed to for brunch. On top of that, there are separate public holiday and Sunday prices which are marginally higher; thankfully it’s a Saturday so we are not subject to these prices. We proceed to order our dishes but they’re a bit slow to come out – it takes over half an hour for our orders to come through. Despite this, I have to commend them on their very attentive service.

Roasted Pear with Honey and Yoghurt

Our first dish comes out as an entree for the table to share. I’ve never had roasted pear before and it’s an interesting dish. Served with Greek yoghurt walnuts, the honey brings the dish together by balancing the sour and texture with some sweetness.

Creamed Eggs with Truffle Oil – (Mon-Sat) $19.50 / (Sun) $21.45

Next comes creamed eggs cooked with truffle oil. This consists of two eggs cooked with cream & butter, served soft with chopped chives, truffle oil, roasted field mushrooms, herbed tomato and sourdough toast. The egg has a strong truffle flavour and hints of chive, an extremely fresh and delicious taste. Accompanying this is the classic combo of mushrooms and tomatoes, so there isn’t anything I can fault for this tasty dish.

Slow Cooked Broccoli & Eggs – (Mon-Sat) $18.50 / (Sun) $20.35

This next dish is slow cooked broccoli with chilli, garlic & white wine on scrambled eggs and sourdough, topped with cow’s milk feta & parsley. The broccoli is cooked through until it is soft, which is how I like my vegetables. The eggs are very creamy and go well with the broccoli.

Basil & Goat’s Cheese Omelette – (Mon-Sat) $19.50 / (Sun) $20.35

Our final dish is a rolled omelette filled with fresh basil and Woodside Goat’s chevre served with sourdough. The presentation is interesting and looks like omurice! Except that the inside is filled with basil and cheese. I’m not that big a fan of eating basil leaves but if you like them, this is the dish for you.

Overall, Danks Street Depot is a pretty casual and nice place to chill out at. The prices are a bit more than what I’m accustomed to pay for an omelette but otherwise if you’ve got the spare cash it’s worth checking out.

Danks Street Depot
1/1/2 Danks Street  Waterloo NSW 2017
Ph:(02) 9698 2201
This restaurant has now closed.

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