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misschu Tuckshop, Manly

The misschu tuckshops have been popping up all over Sydney lately and now one has set up shop in Manly, conveniently at the junction between the Manly ferry wharf and the promenade leading to Manly beach. The design of the place follows the familiar elements of their tuckshops elsewhere in Sydney – plenty of repurposed furniture (think ironing board tables and milk crates with cushions), hanging lights with china bowl shades and blackboards everywhere with menu items scribbled on. Apart from those signature items, the essence of Manly is incorporated into the decor with the canvas and wooden beach chairs in the corner outside, which we make a beeline for and relax into as we wait for our order.

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Green Peppercorn Lao & Thai Restaurant, Fairfield

Green Peppercorn is one of those restaurants I have heard so much about and my friends keep raving on about it, so I thought it was about time I checked out what all the fuss was about. The menu is full of traditional Lao/Thai dishes with decor to match. It does remind me slightly of the popular Holy Basil restaurant and I thought they were related, but in fact they are run separately with no relation. Talk about stiff competition!

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Bodhi Restaurant & Bar, Sydney CBD

Recently, Helen (the talented Excuse Me Waiter designer) and I graduated from University (woo!) and we were trying to think of a unique restaurant to go celebrate at. Helen suggested a vegetarian restaurant near her workplace so we thought we’d check it out!

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The Tall Lemongrass, Crows Nest

Has anyone else felt the winter chill that is slowly creeping upon us at night? I sure have, and one way to solve that problem is to eat some Thai food, since it usually consists of hot curries and fried dishes to line your stomach with some warm insulation!

Tonight we dine at The Tall Lemongrass at Crows Nest, a restaurant that I’ve often driven past but haven’t really noticed before. Yvn and I were tossing up between two restaurants but what swayed us was the interesting menu – there is random BOLD CAPITALISATION, some words which are ITALICISED along with the keywords “yum”, “sexy” and “NEW DISH !!!“. Definitely one of the more interesting menus I have ever read.

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A day of eating in Cabramatta and Canley Vale

The outer western suburbs of Sydney such as Cabramatta and Canley Vale are not places I visit too often unfortunately.  Where I went to school, live and work are all nowhere near there so it was always a bit out of the way. However, a few of my friends that live there have always proclaimed that some of the best food can be found there. So they decided to take me there on a food day trip – lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and dessert all in one day!

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