Currently working full time, I believe that the term “work/life balance” should actually be “work/eat balance”. I am not a snack person, but definitely a meal person. I generally prefer savoury over sweet and enjoy trying fusion cuisine and unconventional food combinations.
My favourite foods include sushi, spaghetti and yum cha.
My dislikes are junk food and over-oily food (such as bacon).

Although I’m known as a teeny tiny amongst my friends, don’t let my (lack of) height fool you! I’m always thinking about my next meal and can eat quite a lot when the right food is there. I love anything with garlic, onions and shallots…so it’s no surprise that I always have some mints in my bag just in case. I don’t believe in eating food simply because it is cheap or expensive, because you can get delicious food at any price as long as you know where to find it!
My favourite foods include ramen and Spanish cuisine
My dislikes are capsicums and olives

A special mention needs to also go out to our dearest friend Helen for helping us with the design and layout of the blog. She is an amazingly talented artist and this is an initial drawing of us!

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  1. I love that pic of you, although I am aware it might not be a complete accurate portrayal of you it definitely illustrates your passion for food. I can relate to a lot of what you both say, and I am pleased I found your blog… looking a photos of food is a pastime of mine and you certainly have beautiful photography on this blog. Keep the food coming :)

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