DK: Based in Tokyo, Japan – known as a deceptively big eater amongst my friends. I tend to eat frequently and after finishing a meal, you may hear me whisper “I’m still hungry…” – yet somehow I manage to stay the same size, for now. Definitely not a snack-type person. I prefer savoury over sweet and enjoy trying new foods

My favourites include brunch, hearty meals (curry, slow cooked lamb etc) and brunch
My dislikes are overly unhealthy food. Perfect content with just a spoonful of dessert rather than a whole plate

Yvn: Based in Sydney, Australia – although I’m known as a teeny tiny amongst my friends, don’t let my (lack of) height fool you! I’m always thinking about my next meal and can eat quite a lot when the right food is there. I love anything with garlic, onions and shallots…so it’s no surprise that I always have some mints in my bag just in case. I don’t believe in eating food simply because it is cheap or expensive, because you can get delicious food at any price as long as you know where to find it!

My favourite foods include ramen and Spanish cuisine
My dislikes are capsicums and olives

A special mention also goes out to our talented friend Helen who helped us with the design, look and feel. She designed our first and second logos, and below is an initial drawing of us for the blog.