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Genki Sushi, Shibuya Tokyo

When you think ‘sushi train’, the normal image that comes to mind is the typical circular restaurant layout with a large conveyor belt spinning sushi round and round. Well in the last year, a new type of ‘sushi train’ has popped up in Japan, pioneered by Genki Sushi, one of Japan’s last sushi restaurant chains.

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Maidreamin Digitized Cafe and Dining Bar, Shibuya Tokyo

On my list of themed restaurants to visit during my trip to Japan was a “maid cafe”. I had heard that these are crazy, quirky and quite different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Since my last themed restaurant experience turned out to be less than impressive, I was hoping that a maid cafe would be able to turn around my perceptions of themed restaurants.

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Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant, Shinjuku Tokyo

I was only in Japan last summer but I couldn’t resist a $550 return sale fare (thanks Jetstar), so I jetted back there recently! This time I set out to try a few themed restaurants which I didn’t get to try last time. First up on the list was Alice’s Fantasy Restaurant (絵本の国のアリス), an Alice in Wonderland themed restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo.

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Kit Kat chocolates from Japan

One of my favourite all time chocolate snacks is the Kit Kat – who could possibly say no to bite sized wafers coated with chocolate! So you could imagine my excitement when I discovered that Japan actually sells unique flavours dependent on the region. I first discovered this thanks to a colleague of mine who has a Kit Kat collecting hobby and since I was in Japan, I set out to find some for myself.

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Photo blogging through Japan 2013

Right after my Korea trip, I jetted off to the neighbouring country Japan and was fortunate to travel all over the country including stopovers in Tokyo, Osaka, Nara, Kyoto and Hakuba. So much food was consumed in my two and a half weeks there, including a small bout of food poisoning thanks to some raw chicken. But there is simply too much to recount, so here are the highlights of the trip which covers the classic dishes, the delicious treats and also the more unique foods:

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