mon Lapin Rabbit Cafe, Sapporo

The best thing about Japan are some of the crazy animal cafes that exist. I stumbled upon this by chance when walking around Sapporo city when I saw a whole bunch of rabbits lining the window. That’s right, a rabbit café! For petting of course, not eating.

Mon Lapin Rabbit Café (うさぎカフェ モンラパン) has a few options with the cheapest package offering 20 minutes of rabbit petting for ¥550, with drinks ordered separately. If you want a drink as well, the next package offers an hour of petting and a drink for ¥800, and the most expensive package offers 2 hours of petting and a drink for ¥1,500.

Once you choose your package and pay, you’ll be seated down with a protective sheet on your lap (in case the rabbit decides to heed nature’s call) and a blanket as well, as another protective layer in case the rabbit scratches. You then choose your rabbit, and every 10 minutes you’re allowed to rotate to another rabbit. Our group chooses a range of rabbits, from some of the smaller cuter ones to the largest one there was, resembling a small-medium dog in size.

While seated with the rabbits, you’ll also receive a bowl of treats which you can feed to the rabbits, but none of our rabbits seemed particularly interested in eating anything. It’s a novel experience, with our first 10 minutes consumed with petting and taking plenty of photos and selfies. But honestly, after awhile it gets a bit boring since rabbits don’t really do anything and I’m pretty happy we only opted for the 20 minute package.

Overall an interesting experience. Cute, fluffy and only in Japan. My recommendation would be to start with the shortest package and then extend it if you’re sure you can be entertained by rabbits for a whole hour.

mon Lapin Rabbit Cafe // うさぎカフェ モンラパン
1 Chome-15 Minami 1 Jonishi, Chuo Ward, Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
〒060-0061 札幌市中央区南1条西1丁目15番地丸美ビル 1F

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