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Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, Town Hall

Move over KFC – Hot Star Fried Chicken has just landed in Sydney!

The already popular Hot Star Large Fried Chicken shop is the latest example in the trend of fast food outlets from other parts of the world opening up shop on the narrow strip of real estate near World Square and we’re loving finally having these guilty pleasures in town.

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Eat Now – Ivory Thai, North Ryde

Have you ever found yourself too lazy to cook and not wanting to leave the house, but not wanting to order fast food pizza either? I know I usually prefer to eat some restaurant quality food, but it can be hard to know which restaurants within the vicinity even do delivery. That’s where Eat Now comes in handy – they have a giant list of restaurants (2000+) sorted by suburb/cuisine/dish which shows you what’s closest to you, who does takeaway or delivery, and lets you order your next meal without ever having to leave the house.

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Madam Char Char, Surry Hills

It’s well known that diners on Crown Street in Surry Hills are spoilt for choice with the many vibrant eateries in the area and one night we were feeling like a quick bite so we popped into Madam Char Char which is near The Winery. At first glance, it looks a bit like a fancier version of a deli with the option to eat in and you can pick from a selection of burgers or braised dishes which are heated up and served with couscous or brown rice. We picked one of each and settled down at the bench next to the open window which faces the sidewalk on Crown Street, making it a great spot to people watch.

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Hungry Mondays

Ever find yourself extremely hungry, but too lazy to cook and not wanting to eat unhealthy restaurant takeaway food? That’s where Hungry Mondays comes in! It’s such a brilliant concept I can’t believe no one has thought of it before.

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The Pie Tin, Newtown

Ever since I had what was most possibly the best pies ever from Fergbaker in Queenstown, I thought I was doomed to ever find a product of similar quality within Sydney. That was until my friends introduced me to The Pie Tin, a small pie shop tucked away just off the main thoroughfare of Newtown, King Street.

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