El Jannah, Granville

I’ve heard a lot about the legendary El Jannah, home of some of the best barbeque chicken and garlic sauce that I will ever taste according to some people. Tonight is a cold winters night and some barbeque chicken is exactly what I need!

El Jannah is a relatively large charcoal chicken restaurant that is both eat-in and takeaway. The seating isn’t actually that plentiful but I am used to charcoal chicken places having no seats, so it is ‘relatively’ big in that aspect. When we arrive tonight, there are a lot of patrons already and a bit of a queue to order food. After we sit down, we notice that a lot of the queue were takeaway customers so finding seats wasn’t that bad. At the register, they also only take cash so make sure you bring spare change with you. Otherwise, there is a generic ATM in the corner or some bank branches just down the road.

Large Tabouli – $6.90
Large Garlic Sauce – $4.50
Whole Chicken – $10.90

We start off the night with a whole barbeque chicken. Along with this is a side of tabouli, garlic sauce and bread. Firstly, the chicken is well cooked and juicy, but pretty standard because most barbequed chickens are quite good generally. What takes this chicken to the next level is the garlic sauce. Rich and creamy, this sauce is garlic heaven and one of the most amazing garlic sauces ever. The method I used to eat this was to rip some off the bread, wrap it with tabouli and chicken inside and then smother it in garlic sauce. Delicious.

Skewers – $4 each
Tawouk (marinated breast chicken pieces)
Kafta (specially prepared minced lamb) 
Lahme (small lamb pieces cooked on charcoal)
Soujouk (specially prepared spicy minced lamb)

We also ordered one of each skewer which was presented together on a plate with a side of hommous and chips. Our party of four deconstructed each skewer so that we could taste each one. Unfortunately, they all tasted like barbeque and I couldn’t differentiate between the 2 lamb ones, however they were all delicious so there is no problem with ordering either of them.

Large Chips – $4

On top of our meal, we foolishly ordered a bowl of chips not knowing that it came with the skewers. Despite this, these chips were fantastic. They were well seasoned with chicken salt and were crisp and crunchy on the outside, but soft in the middle. Really great chips.

Overall the food at El Jannah gets my two thumbs up. Highlights of the meal included the garlic sauce and the chips – best two menu items. I think next time I come back, I’m just going to stock up on garlic sauce so I can have a stash at home… >:)

El Jannah
4/8 South Street, Granville NSW 2142
Ph: (02) 9637 0977

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