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Charim, Crows Nest

Home-style Korean food has found its way to Crows Nest in the form of Charim, a new-ish cosy restaurant that only has room for a few wooden tables and an open plan kitchen which also doubles as the counter. I am glad we booked ahead, because on the Friday night we arrive the tables in the restaurant are already almost full and the owners had to play some tetris with the remaining table to fit the 4 of us in.

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NaruOne, Town Hall

It’s hard to resist finger licking good chicken, so when the name NaruOne started popping up on food blogs and was being touted as “the best Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney”, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I found myself there to try it out. I had walked past NaruOne many times as it is smack bang in the middle of the Koreatown strip on Pitt Street, only I never noticed it because it is on the basement level, so you have to go down a small flight of stairs to get in.

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Wine Selectors Chef Series

After almost 2 years of documenting our food adventures in Sydney and abroad, it’s clear that we have definitely developed a taste for eating out at restaurants…but we must admit that there are some days that we just feel like staying in and cooking some homemade favourites or trying out new recipes. The cold, wet and miserable winter we’ve been having in Sydney has been the perfect excuse for me to gather our family and friends to road test a couple of new recipes paired with 2 exclusive wines from the Wine Selectors Chef Series range. These wines are hand picked by some of Australia’s most well-known chefs to match with their signature cuisines and are only available through Wine Selectors and the chefs’ restaurants.

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A food journey through Seoul, South Korea

A couple months I took a trip to South Korea and spent a couple days in Seoul. Firstly, it’s such a beautiful city which is constantly awake with lots of hot food, bright lights and shopping! But the temperature stays around an average of -10c in winter, so it’s no wonder chilli is a staple in their dishes. Over my short stay, I set out to explore a wide range of Korean foods but apologies in advance because there are very few restaurant names to the below as I often could not read the name!

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Won San, Eastwood

Chinese food cooked by Koreans is one of my favourite type of foods. As strange as that sounds, there are a small number of Korean restaurants which cook Chinese dishes with Korean flavours and techniques, and the end result is quite a delicious combination of cultures. Won San (previously known as Arisana) is located on the bustling Rowe St of Eastwood and is one of two Korean/Chinese restaurants in the area. It is quite large (two storeys) and tonight we’re ordering a mix of dishes to share between the four of us.

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