Jonga Jip Korean BBQ Restaurant, Eastwood

Ever since my visit to Tudari, I’ve been struggling to find another Korean restaurant that provided so many side dishes that the table was filled, but I may have found one today. On the Korean side of Eastwood near the roundabout sits Jonga Jip, a bustling Korean BBQ restaurant. It is quite busy when we arrived and later a line appeared, which is quite surprising for a weeknight!

We are seated by the friendly staff all dressed in bright orange shirts against the wall. The decor is noticeably all in shades of yellow/gold with Asian writing on the walls giving off a very oriental feel. Tonight we opt to not BBQ as we do not want to smell like smoke, but the surrounding BBQ-ers produce enough smoke to make your clothes smell anyways. Don’t wear anything that might be ruined by smell stains, you have been warned!

Green Onion Pancake with Seafood – $15

The first foods to come out and our favourite are the side dishes. A great selection of each dish is piled up quite generously, they are all tasty with the standouts being the fish cake, potato and bean sprouts. Following this, the Korean pancake comes out. Our waiter briskly cuts it up before placing it on the table, accompanied with a soy dipping sauce. The pancake is crumbly and crunchy and filled with LOTS of fillings including carrots, capsicums, onions, shallots, octopus, oysters and prawns. It also had a slight corn flavour which is different but quite nice. I am impressed by the generosity of fillings here.

Boiled Dumplings – $10

Our next dish is boiled dumplings. There is easily twenty or so dumplings here which is very good value for the price you pay. It is brought out steaming hot and when eating it, I noticed the filling is quite mushy. Upon dissection, the filling is revealed to be pork and chives along with a type of dough. There is strong hints of pepper which packs lots of flavour but there is also another accompanying dish of soy sauce if you want more flavour. It doesn’t taste like your normal dumplings, but it is interesting and good value for money.

Bulgolgi and Baby Octopus Casserole – $48

Our final dish is the hot pot. Placed upon a lit stove, it is filled with octopus, beef, mushrooms, other vegetables and noodles and has two bowls of rice included. The soup is spicy and the beef and noodles are well flavoured. The octopus is normal and the vegetables are delicious since I like mine boiled until soft. Probably not the best dish for a humid hot night, but nevertheless a great filler dish for big groups which would be better suited for a cold day.

Overall, our visit to Jonga Jip is a very pleasant one. A busy restaurant which serves up delicious, generous servings with all foods, it’s somewhere best spent with a large group on a cold night. The next time I come, I intend to try their BBQ options but as a BBQ restaurant, they do non-BBQ dishes really well!

Jonga Jip
87 Rowe Street
Eastwood 2122
Ph: (02) 9858 5160

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  • minibites says:

    I think even being there without choosing for KBBQ makes you leave smelling like you have anyway. Gotta love the million Korean side dishes esp when I get bored getting the same thing!

  • Tammi says:

    Gotta love that Korean Banchan! I always get a little bit creeped out by the mushy dumplings. Did the Korean BBQ there look interesting?

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