Arisun Express and Azoto, World Square

Arisun is a well known local haunt for Korean Fried Chicken in Sydney and it has now expanded its footprint with the newly opened Arisun Express and its sister store Azoto for liquid nitrogen ice cream at World Square. Contrary to its name, Arisun Express is not just about takeaway Korean Fried Chicken (although that’s on offer too), there’s plenty of seating outside in the alley and upstairs if you want to dine in.

Entrees came in the form of homemade pork dumplings, pan fried to get that crispy texture.We loved the fresh pork filling, especially when dipped in the garlic soy sauce on the side. Our table was wishing for more after the pork dumplings were devoured in a flash.

Pork Dumplings, $13

Next up, we tried the Korean Style Meatballs, which were served with some honey mustard sauce. They were decent, but not particularly remarkable and on the pricey side for the serving size.

Korean Style Meatballs, $18

The first main we tucked into was the Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken, covered in a thick caramelised sauce. Each bite had a resounding crunch and the boneless option made it easy to eat. It had very fragrant spices and was definitely a moreish dish, although the spicy heat builds up with every mouthful and hits you at the end.

Sweet and Spicy Fried Chicken, $32

We filled up on some carbs in the form of the Stir Fried Soy Seafood Noodles which showcases more of the Chinese influences behind the menu at Arisun Express, reflecting the Chinese-Korean heritage of the owners.

Stir Fried Soy Seafood Noodles, $13

To round off the mains, we also had Sun’s Original Fried Chicken – double fried for extra crispiness, which had the added benefit of feeling less oily. The succulent nuggets of chicken were a winner (love that they’re boneless) and seriously what Arisun do best.

Sun’s Original Fried Chicken, $32

For the beer-lovers out there, the frozen beer option to wash down all that fried chicken is definitely something different. Coming with a frothy, slushie like topping, it was interesting trying to navigate through all that froth to reach the actual Hite beer itself.

Frozen Beer

After all that delicious chicken and sides, we still had room for dessert. The benefit of dining at Arisun Express is that its sister store Azoto liquid nitrogen ice cream is right next door for us to get our sugar hit!

Sydney has embraced liquid nitrogen ice cream in a big way and Azoto’s take on it is just a little different from the more established players out there – they focus more on the textural element of the ice cream. Example 1: the Bounty & Co, featuring a creamy coconut ice cream, coconut shavings, crushed peanuts and a syringe of dark chocolate sauce, served in half a coconut. It’s simple, but serving it in the coconut shell does enhance the experience…although the uneven edges made it a challenge to share between a group on a table as it kept tipping over…(first world problems…)

Bounty & Co, $8

Next up from the Azoto menu was the Nippon Green, which was a simpler affair with its smooth green tea icecream, prominent green tea taste and a chewy green tea mochi as the textural highlight.

Nippon Green, $8

Arisun Express and Azoto are welcome additions to World Square, especially because they’re open till late (3am for Arisun Express), which means we can pretty much get our Korean fried chicken cravings satisfied whenever they hit!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Arisun Express and Azoto

Arisun Express and Azoto
Corner of Liverpool Lane, World Square
680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 8669 6900

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