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All the rainy weather that Sydney’s been suffering through lately has meant there are some days when we just feel like ordering in, rather than braving the elements. We had a Mexican night in the other week – courtesy of Pablo’s Kitchen, which is only available via delivery platforms such as Deliveroo, Foodora, UberEATS and Menulog, or through corporate catering.

Mexican food is always fun with the zingy flavours in their cuisine and even though food always ends up tasting a bit different when its takeout, the zinginess of the flavours in Pablo’s Kitchen’s food still managed to shine through despite their trip across the bridge to our place from Pablo’s Kitchen’s base.

We tried a good mix of their dishes – starting with their addictive Pablo’s Spicy Chicken Wings which had been soaked in a jalapeno marinade and came with a deliciously garlicky aioli sauce (perfect for dunking).

Pablo‘s Spicy Chicken Wings, $14

We liked the freshness in their Ceviche, which featured fish fillets that have been cooked with a zesty sauce of lime, red onions, peppers and coriander and are served with a refreshing guacamole, some pico de gallo  salsa and crunchy corn chips for dipping.

Ceviche, $17.50

For more substantial dishes, we had their Gym Junkie which was more flavoursome than we expected with a name like that – the grilled chicken in this dish is served with a tasty chipotle sauce that lifts the rest of the elements of the bowl.

Gym Junkie, $18

Of course, we couldn’t have a Mexican night in without some Nachos and Pablo’s Kitchen’s rendition came with home cooked corn tortilla chips that were smothered in a cheese sauce and jalapenos for a kick, together with more of that fresh pico de gallo salsa and guacamole.

Nachos, $20

The menu for Pablo’s Kitchen has slightly more premium pricing that you’d usually see on these delivery platforms for Mexican food, but it’s reflective of the quality of their ingredients, which is especially important when it comes to dishes like their Ceviche that needs to stay super fresh despite being delivered across town. Pablo’s Kitchen also do corporate catering – for something a bit different on event menus in an office setting.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Pablo’s Kitchen

Pablo’s Kitchen
Available on Deliveroo, Foodora, UberEATS and Menulog

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