Lord of the Fries, Melbourne CBD

I’ve heard so many things about this chain in Melbourne, with fries that make fantastic midnight snacks due to the wide variety of sauces that they offer. So on my recent trip down to the city, I indulged myself with the guilty pleasure of fries and onion rings with their Parisian sauce. The Lord of the Fries stores are usually just simple counters with not much seating (if any at all), so it really feels like a street food experience.

Fries and onion rings pack with Parisian sauce, $6.95

The fries were my substitute dinner because we were waiting for a table at Chin Chin which had crazy queues (it took them 2 hours to call us back for a table at 9pm on a Friday night) and the fried stuff really hit the spot. Their Parisian sauce is actually just aioli and the garlicky flavour was quite strong, especially combined with crunchy onion rings in the pack. The taste does get a bit overwhelming after you’ve demolished about half of the pack and I probably should have shared this with my friend instead of ambitiously trying to finish it off myself.

I’m jealous of Melbournians who get to snack on these fries at any time, since there’s a Lord of the Fries on practically every corner in the Melbourne CBD and they are open until late most nights. I’m keen to see if they open up a Sydney store sometime in the future as I’m sure it would be really popular with the late night party crowd who have the munchies after a big night out!

Lord of the Fries
Flinders Street Station
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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14 Responses to Lord of the Fries, Melbourne CBD

  1. It’s not just their fries that are good! ;)

  2. mmm yum I’ve heard great things about Lord of the Fries.. I want them to open up a chain in Sydney too!!

  3. I find they’re a hit and miss though. Sometimes the fries are cooked perfectly, sometimes they’re undercooked and soggy :( european mayo is my favouriteeeeeeee!

    • Yeah had a few friends comment that they didn’t have great experiences with it when they tried it :( I must have gotten lucky with a good batch when I tried! Also I was starving when I had it so that might’ve helped ;)

  4. chocolatesuze

    LOVE lord of the fries! definitely something that hits the spot late at night!

  5. I love the name of the place. Not sure if I’ll try it out but will keep it in mind in my next visit.

  6. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LoTF! LOVE it! Why won’t they open in Sydney..those fries with gravy & cheese…oh my gawd!

  7. not a fan of lord of the fries, there chips are hardly anything to write home about.

    • From all the feedback we’ve gotten on people’s experiences with their chips, it does sound a bit hit and miss – we got lucky that the chips were decent when we went but others have had soggy chips…in any case, I think their range of sauces is pretty decent compared to the offerings in Sydney but each to their own!

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