The Burger Shed, Mosman

Balmoral Beach is one of my all-time favourite beaches and every time I drive there, I always pass The Burger Shed. Characterised by large windows, white tiles and exposed brick, it feels like you’ve just walked into a beach house of some sort, despite it being located a good 15 minute walk from the actual beach.

The Burger Shed is headed up by celebrity chef Justin North, previously known for his CBD restaurants Becasse and Charlie & Co. We’re dining in today and arrive just as they open at 11:30am, but by midday there’s a small crowd standing around all awaiting their takeaway orders.

Truffle and Parmesan Fries – $6
Sea Salt Fries – $4
Sweet Potato Wedges – $6

Between our table of four, we decide to try three burgers and some tacos along with fries. Our fries come out first and the winner is definitely the truffle and parmesan fries. Although looking a bit oily, they’re super crispy and fragrant, full of truffle and parmesan flavour. The sea salt fries paled in comparison and were just too plain, so best to not order these altogether. The sweet potato wedges were nice and thick and reminiscent of the McDonald’s ones, but after trying all three my eyes were still set on the truffle and parmesan fries which were polished off in no time.

The Original Shed Burger – $12 (left)
The Classic Shed Burger – $12 (right)

Onto the burgers, we started off with the original cheese burger featuring a grass fed angus and purebred wagyu patty with vintage cheddar, tomato relish, pickles, lettuce and aioli. To be honest, there’s nothing special about this burger, it’s just another cheeseburger that tastes pretty average.

We also opted for a different type of cheeseburger, the ‘Classic’ which contained a fullblood wagyu patty with cheese, miso, bbq onions, tomato relish and pickles. This cheese burger was a lot more tasty than the original. The wagyu patty was much more succulent and the caramelised onions added that extra depth of flavour complementing the beef. I couldn’t taste any traces of miso but either way, I’d definitely order the ‘Classic’ over the ‘Original’ any day.

Federation Burger – $12 (right)
Baha Fish Tacos – $13 (left)

The last burger we tried was a lamb burger with pickled beetroot, iceberg lettuce, cumin and mint yoghurt. Although the flavours combined here was good, I found the patty a bit dry and it would’ve been better if it had a bit more yoghurt. Doesn’t compare at all to the amazing Baa Baa Burger at Grill’d who still does one of the best lamb burgers.

To finish off, we tried the fish tacos which featured fried fish, spicy slaw, Mexican cream and aioli. Although the fish is fried, it’s not oily at all and the taco is easy to pick up and eat without much mess. The flavours here were fresh and complementary and the spicy slaw added a lovely kick to the tacos. I ended up really loving the tacos which were a lovely surprise at a burger restaurant!

Overall, a bit of a hit and miss with The Burger Shed. Would recommend coming for the Classic Burger, Parmesen & Truffle Fries and the Tacos, but otherwise I’m not really keen on coming back to try any of the other burgers. If you’re in the Mosman area, there are some other great options nearby including Chargrill Charlies, Avenue Road Café and Four Frogs Creperie.

The Burger Shed
914 Military Road, Mosman NSW 2088
Ph: (02) 8021 9262

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