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I remember 2 years ago I went on a holiday to Melbourne and had the best burger I had ever eaten from Grill’d. It was then that I decided to bring this franchise to Sydney if I ever flunked uni. (Un)fortunately 6 months later, stores started popping up all over Sydney (someone beat me to it!) but this meant I could eat it without having to open my own store.

Grill’d is a burger franchise which reminds me of the Boost Juice franchise – it is young, refreshing, a healthier alternative to similar foods and full of energy. Each Grill’d store is designed with a modern flair and their foods are made fresh on the spot and aren’t too oily or processed. Their menu features a range of beef, chicken, lamb and vegetarian burgers along with sandwiches. Today I am going to revisit the best burger I have ever had along with a new menu item.

“Baa Baa” Burger (grilled 100% grass fed lean lamb, avocado, tasty cheese, salad, relish & herbed mayo) – $12.90

When burgers are ordered, you can choose from several types of buns including panini, traditional and gluten-free. My personal favourite is the panini as it is light, fluffy and goes well with everything. My “Baa Baa” burger contains very succulent and juicy lamb, accompanied with a sweet and creamy mayo. The tomato relish also adds some freshness to the lettuce and tomato. This burger is my absolute favourite and is a must-have for anyone that visits Grill’d.

Hot Hombre (grilled chicken breast, chilli black bean salsa, tasty cheese, avocado, tomato, spanish onion & cripsy tortilla chip) – $12.50

Next up we decide to try a new menu item, the ‘Hot Hombre’ on a traditional bun. It’s definitely an interesting burger with a play on Mexican flavours. The beans are spicy and add some punch into the flavours and the corn chips add a delightful crunch when you bite into the burger. Simply put, it reminds me of a taco version of a burger.

These two were the only items that I tried today but of the numerous times I have been before, I would also highly recommend getting a side of chips. The chips are infused with herbs and combined with the herb mayo provide some very fragrant potato chips!

An additional thing I’d like to mention is that this time I noticed a community initiative stand set up at the front. This allowed patrons to vote monthly on a local community group to which that Grill’d store would allocate $500 towards community initiatives. I think that this is a wonderful thing that they are doing by giving back to the community, and especially in the less than positive financial economy, we definitely need more kind people out there like Grill’d who remember that there will always be people who are less fortunate.

Overall, the Grill’d “experience” is fantastic. I can pay a reasonable dollar and receive some delicious food and know that part of my dollar is being invested back into the community. If you’re ever in need of a “fast food” fix without the oiliness, look no further than your local Grill’d store.

The Concourse, 409 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, NSW
Ph: (02) 9411 4267

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