The Perfect Burger

Many foodie fans struggle with eating a burger gracefully at some stage in their lives. But it’s worth suffering the embarrassment of a saucy grin and messy fingers as there are some fantastic burgers out there waiting to be demolished. Here’s what the better burgers seem to have in common:

The sauce

With the rise of gourmet grub, most eateries with burgers on the menu have more interesting options like herb aioli and peri peri sauce. We find that this really makes all the difference, adding some extra creaminess or zest to the meaty patty of goodness.

The Patty

Interesting fact: There’s no need to opt for wagyu beef if it’s on the menu because the buttery tenderness of the premium meat is lost once it’s made into a mince patty.  Instead, be adventurous and try out different meats – the gamey ones like lamb and venison taste quite delish in a patty form.

The Size

Bigger is not necessarily always better. Bite sized mini burgers (a.k.a Sliders) are the remedy for burgers on a first date. Sliders have become compulsory in all the cool places in town, no doubt due to the influence of American 50’s diner culture and the ‘dude food’ movement. Sometimes they come in quirky flavours such as chicken katsu or pork belly, which give you a mouthful of flavour without too much mess. Win win!

Some of our favourite burger memories include Fergburger (NZ)Grill’d and Ms. G’s

What do you think makes the perfect burger? Do you think it exists? Let us know in the comments below.


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