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After hearing all about this place from other bloggers and my friends, I finally found the time to trek over to Potts Point to try it out for myself. I always had a misconception in my head that Potts Point is inconvenient to get to, but it’s just a short stroll from King’s Cross station. It’s a quirky, kitschy place decked out with random Asian decorations but retains a Western vibe through its atmosphere.

While the food and drinks were decent, we didn’t have the best experience with the service. My biggest tip is to get here early because they don’t take bookings and the place is already quite full by 6pm on a Friday night (especially the bar upstairs). My second tip is to make sure that everyone you’re eating with is there with you, because they won’t hold tables if everyone is not present.

We had to wait an hour and a half for our table despite putting our names down when we arrived at 6pm since when our entire party did arrive, the restaurant was completely full and there was no longer a table for us. They encourage you to go upstairs for a drink at their bar where you can also order your dishes. We did this to pass time but ended up having 2 of our dishes and our cocktails crowded around a tiny table, which was hardly ideal as we waited for our real table.

Silver Buzz cocktail, $16 and Ho Chi Minh 333 Beer, $8

The bar is effortlessly hip with newspapers plastered on the walls and old beer cartons acting as tables. The cocktail I chose was the Silver Buzz which was absolutely delicious, the sweet flavour masking the various shots of alcohol that the bartender had snuck in there. It was a lovely mix of elderflower liqueur, white mango tea, Belvedere citrus and lemon which most girls will enjoy. The boy decided to try a Ho Chi Minh 333 beer fromVietnam and it was light, but nothing special.

The dish which came out first for us was the Fried Baby Chicken with chipotle mayo and it was so tasty – just like KFC but with better sauce and batter, although it was just as oily and unhealthy. It was so moreish that I wish we had ordered a whole one instead of just half.

Fried baby chicken, $15 (half)

We also got the signature sliders (mini burgers), one each of the pork belly and chicken katsu. I enjoyed both; they’re about 2 bites worth each which makes them much more manageable to eat and hold than a full size burger. The pork belly had a slightly crackly skin on top of the melt in your mouth fatty layer and went well with the mayo sauce. The chicken katsu was nicely crumbly and crunchy and the meat had also absorbed the marinade beautifully.

Pork belly and chicken katsu sliders, $6 each

We also had the sweet and sour lamb ribs which were incredibly tender and fell off the bone. The ribs were complemented well with a tangy sauce which didn’t overwhelm the flavour of the lamb and made you want more.

Jow’s sweet and sour lamb ribs, $23

As an amusing side note, during the course of our whole meal we were offered no less than 17 sliders by the waitresses, who were confused about which table to deliver the burgers to. I understand that the sliders are a popular choice amongst all the diners, but it was a bit bewildering to have plates of burgers continuously put on our table, only for the waitress to then realise she had the wrong table. It was also a bit of a tease because we really loved the sliders and wouldn’t have minded having more, especially if they were on the house!

Anyway, onto dessert we went. We ordered the Stoner’s Delight (another one of their signature dishes) which is an interesting mix of donut flavoured icecream, crunchy pecans on the side and weird tasting maple bacon (sweet on the outside, salty on the inside). I really liked the ice cream but I actually liked the other dessert we chose a bit better.

Stoner’s Delight $12

The other dessert was the Crunchy Nut Breakfast which consisted of muesli and dried cranberries mixed with warm sticky rice and coconut milk with burnt honey icecream on top. A very different combination of Asian and Western flavours that I enjoyed – I have a bit of an obsession with honey flavoured anything and sticky rice always hits the spot these days too.

Crunchy Nut Breakfast, $12

All in all, it’s a shame that the service was not up to par during our visit because I had high hopes for Ms. G’s and the food and drinks were pretty reasonable and delicious as well. When I do return, I’m going to make sure that my party comes early and together next time and not on a Friday either as quite frankly, it took almost 3 hours for us to finish our meal and that is a lot of time to spend in just one place.

Ms. G’s
155 Victoria Street 
Potts Point NSW 2011
Phone: (02) 8313 1000

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