Milky Lane, Bondi

The neon lights and beats at Milky Lane were pumping when we headed in on a warm spring day, full of keen visitors to Bondi Beach. We liked the eclectic vibe of the place as we settle into our diner booth to look at their menu of burgers for lunch.

The Fried Chicken Weezy was an easy pick and featured a crispy Southern fried chicken that was juicy on the inside and delicious on the outside, some tasty double American cheese, diced onions, mayo and Milky Lane cheese gravy all on a soft milk bun – this burger was the bomb, especially since we jazzed it up with some extra onion rings on the inside too.

Fried Chicken Weezy, $12 (+$3 for Onion Rings)

The other burger that caught our eye was the Fat Tony Burger which is described as a world famous Milky Lane icon on their specials menu – we could see why it had achieved some notoriety when the towering burger was brought out. It was basically a huge deep fried meatball (technically speaking, a 5 cheese wagyu beef and smoked brisket lasagne) sandwiched between a garlic bread bun, with house Napolitana sauce and some pesto aioli thrown in for good measure. It was a beast of a burger and we only just managed to fit it down (after some creative deconstruction techniques). Not for the fainthearted.

Fat Tony Burger, $21

Our calorie counters were getting dangerously high by this point of our lunch but we got a round of their Loaded Fries anyway, which came with some crunchy bacon bits, more cheese gravy, shredded cheese, Milky Lane special sauce and topped off with shallots for a strong mix of addictive flavours.

Loaded Fries, $12.5

Milky Lane knows what they’re good at and have a plentiful selection of burgers (and milkshakes) along with alcoholic beverages (like the classy prosecco in a can) on the menu to keep their diners happy at a reasonable price for the quality of the burgers. It’s a laidback burger joint to drop into for a casual bite if you’re around Bondi Beach or catch them serving up desserts at the Lost Picnic Festival in October 2018!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Milky Lane

Milky Lane
141 Curlewis Street, Bondi Beach NSW 2026
Phone: (02) 9130 1336

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