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TGI Friday’s, North Ryde

TGI Friday’s is a popular American restaurant chain that has finally arrived in Australia and opened their first Sydney branch! It is located on the cinema level of Macquarie Centre (near the bus stops), featuring booths, tables and bar seating all embellished with their signature red and white branding, along with plasma screens playing American football.

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Grill’d, World Square

Since I last blogged about Grill’d, a whole lot more stores have been popping up over Australia with 9 now open in Sydney, which is great news because their burgers are so freaking delicious! Today we popped by the World Square branch which is right underneath Din Tai Fung and conveniently has window seats overlooking the open plaza area – great for people watching hehe.

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Jazz City Diner, Darlinghurst

Earlier in the year, Helen (our designer) introduced me to Jazz City Diner. It is a tiny American diner just off Oxford St that takes you back to another age; there is jazz music playing in the background, booths with retro seats and waitresses donning old school outfits. Back then, the diner was still relatively obscure and was easy to get a table but since then it has exploded in popularity and with good reason too.

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Grill’d, Chatswood

I remember 2 years ago I went on a holiday to Melbourne and had the best burger I had ever eaten from Grill’d. It was then that I decided to bring this franchise to Sydney if I ever flunked uni. (Un)fortunately 6 months later, stores started popping up all over Sydney (someone beat me to it!) but this meant I could eat it without having to open my own store.

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13B, Darlinghurst

Even though I love the taste of burgers, I have always had trouble with eating full size ones because they inevitably end up falling apart and creating a huge mess. Faced with the choice, I’d rather eat something else off the menu if I’m trying not to embarrass myself in front of my fellow diners. But luckily at 13B, there are some absolutely delicious mini burgers (sliders) on offer that solve my dilemma.

The elusive 13B is located in a quiet side street of Darlinghurst; it is only a small restaurant but it has elegant marble floors throughout and large mirrors which make it look larger than it actually is.

The friendly waiter comes over straight away to bring us some water and take our orders with a smile. I order the scotch fillet slider and also the pork and veal burger, while the boy tries their Eggs Benedict which came with ham, sourdough and a sprinkling of chives on top of fresh rye bread. It was quite good, oozing runny egg yolk which mixed with the zesty hollandaise sauce that tasted more sour than usual.

Eggs Benedict, $17.90

The bite sized burgers are very cute, coming out together on a rectangular plate. The first is the scotch fillet with caramelised onion, salad, grilled tomato and seeded mustard which gives it a great tang and the fillet is chewy. Lots of great flavour packed into a small package. But I actually preferred the pork and veal burger because it came with aioli, as well as tomato, caramelised onion and salad. The aioli was full of garlicky mayo goodness which just hit all the right flavour notes.

Scotch fillet slider, pork and veal slider, $5 each

These miniature gourmet burgers are among my favourite burgers in Sydney because of their quality ingredients, so head to Darlinghurst to try them out for yourselves in this pretty little cafe/small bar with great service.

13b Burton Street  
Darlinghurst NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 9356 8718

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