Bridge Street Garage, Sydney

You won’t miss the bright neon sign of the Bridge Street Garage when you walk through the city, and we were drawn in like moths to a flame. The Garage is an American themed restaurant with a bar area fronting the street and large tables at the back for a sit-down dinner. Our group settled easily into a comfortable booth facing the kitchen. The American theme also extended to the drinks list with beers such as Samuel Adams available on the menu.

We kicked off the meal with the Deep Fried Southern Crispy Chicken, which was coated in spice and served with coleslaw salad and their house made Garage sauce. Initially, I was slightly taken back by the big basket of fried chicken set in front of me – each piece was massive and hot to touch. The guys on my table had no trouble navigating the chicken, biting through the crispy skin to get to the succulent meat inside. The slightly tangy and zesty Garage sauce really made this a standout dish.

Deep-Fried Southern Crispy Chicken, $22

Next we tried the Choripan, featuring a traditional Argentinian sausage served on a fresh ciabatta roll with lettuce, tomato and topped with chimmichurri/aioli sauce. This is traditionally served from street stalls and the boy was really excited at a chance to compare it to the real deal at Buenos Aires. When the dish came, he thought it was probably a classier version of the street variety (usually which just comes in a bread roll). We had half each and the consensus was that it was pretty good! The sausages was juicy and the flavoursome sauces gave it some punch.

Choripan, $17

Overall, the flavour and portion sizes at Bridge Street Garage are decent (not quite as big as actual American diners though) and it is definitely a welcome addition to the city’s casual dining scene with its fun garage diner themed fitout.

Bridge Street Garage
17-19 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph:(02) 9251 9392

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