Meat District Co, King Street Wharf

King Street Wharf better watch out, Meat District Co. is the newest restaurant to hit their precinct and is sure to bring all the meatlovers from afar. Following their debut earlier this year in Pasadena LA, the masterminds behind Casa Di Nico, Bluewater Cafe and Whitewater Restaurant have brought Meat District Co. to our shores just in time for summer.

Situated on the waterfront, the two storey restaurant features a spiral staircase connecting the bar and balcony to the al fresco dining area. The design is modern and features nods to old school butchers, including meat cleaver shaped menus, serving boards and even an open display cool room. Tonight we’re here for the media preview and although a lot of the food we tasted was canapé sized, most of the pictures featured are of the full sized dish.

Compressed, grilled watermelon salad, sumac, goat cheese and hazelnut – $8.50

Kicking off the entree tastings was a unique savoury take on watermelon. As it has been grilled, it’s not as juicy or sweet as usual but instead provides a nice crispy texture to the salad and goes well with the watercress underneath. A great combo which has also been tied together with a light vinaigrette drizzled throughout.

Sweet summer corn with chilli, lime & truffle parmesan – $7.50

Next up is a super fragrant grilled corn cob with chilli, lime and truffle parmesan. It’s sweet and perfect for summer, but needs more chilli and lime which isn’t that apparent.

Crispy battered onion rings with truffle aioli – $7.50

We sampled some fried onion rings next encased in a crispy batter. The winner though was that finger licking aioli underneath which had a huge kick of garlic throughout, yum!

Molecular Cocktails

After this, a round of drinks came out and these molecular cocktails caught my eye. Served on a soup spoon, it featured a mouthful of a mixed cocktail with an edible sphere. These were delicious, featuring some fruity flavours such as lychee, apple and raspberry, and the spheres added an extra surprise as they released a new flavour when bitten into. Absolutely loved these!

 Truffle fries, truffle salt, truffle parmesan & truffle aioli – $7.50

We then decided to nibble on some fries and opted for the truffle fries, covered with truffle salt and truffle parmensan, and then served with a truffle aioli. For truffle lovers, this is definitely what you need to order and as per before that truffle aioli is finger licking good.

Pork Ribs

The last savoury dish we tried for the night were the pork ribs. THESE ARE THE BOMB. Sweet, sticky and falling off the bone, they are definitely one of the best I’ve ever had and are even better than other CBD restaurants which specialise in ribs. I’d come back just for these as they were that good!

Caramel Tart – $10

Onto dessert, the first was the caramel tart with a caramel filling, salted caramel popcorn, crushed peanuts and banana gelato. The sweet pastry base had a nice firmness to it and went really well with the caramel filling. The popcorn was also a nice touch adding a different textural element to a dessert.

Cookie & Cream Cheesecake – $10

The other dessert we tried was the classic take on the Cookies & Cream Cheesecake. Can’t go wrong when there’s a rich white chocolate ganache mixed with chocolate soil and white chocolate gelato! I found it very rich though, so probably best to share this one with others.

Overall I’m really impressed by Meat District Co. and I’m sure it’s definitely going to make quite the impression. The food is super tasty and affordable, and there’s a great selection of other dishes including $15 burgers which is amazing value for this area of the CBD. I can’t wait to come back and try more of the menu!

Meat District Co.
Shop R3, 11 lime street King Street Wharf
Ph: (02) 9299 9762

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