Casa di Nico, King Street Wharf

It’s been a while since I’ve been down to Casa di Nico, but we heard that they have relaunched their menu recently and went down to have a look to see what’s changed.

While many of the old favourites are still on the menu, there have been some new additions to the menu like their Gamberi All’Aglio which features crumbed king prawns atop a smear of avocado puree. The prawns are fairly large and succulent, encased in a light layer of bread crumbs and fried. The dryness of the crumbing on the prawns is easily remedied by dipping the prawn into the accompanying saffron aioli, which isn’t as intensely flavoured as I was expecting.

Gamberi All’Aglio, $19.90

One of the old favourites which has been kept on the menu is the Aragosta and Granchio Ravioli which is the Lobster and Crab Ravioli. These massive parcels of homemade ravioli are filled with lobster and crabmeat and served in a very rich shellfish butter sauce. Although there are only 4 ravioli in the dish, they somehow end up being quite filling, probably due to the creaminess of the sauce and the amount of pasta used to create each ravioli. The fresh flavours of the seafood are there, but the heaviness of the sauce almost overpowers it.

Aragosta and Granchio Ravioli, $28.90

DK had gone for the Ossobuco in Cremalota, which is a new addition to the menu featuring braised veal shank in a hearty tomato and red wine sauce, seasoned with garlic, lemon and rosemary. The meat is tender and falls apart quite easily, flavoured with the delicious chunky sauce.  The tasty bed of truffle mash which has subtle notes of the distinctively flavoured fungus and serves as a lovely accompaniment to the meaty goodness.

Ossobuco in Cremalota, $28.90

Another newcomer to the menu is the Ricotta Cheesecake which is served with a scoop of on trend salted caramel ice cream. Even though it was not the focus of the dessert, I loved the smooth, creamy flavour of the ice cream which had an addictive amount of salted caramel infused into it. The cheesecake itself was decent, even though I’m not a big cheesecake person. The scattering of grains on the side, doused with some syrup added a textural element to the dessert and the dehydrated slice of orange which was embedded in the icecream also had an intriguing texture and sweet flavour.

Ricotta Chessecake with Salted Caramel Ice Cream – $12

The overall ambience and quality of the food at Casa di Nico is much the same as my last visit. But this time the new menu seems to have updated its pricing to align it with market prices for Italian cuisine, which is great as it’s now a lot more affordable for the same spectacular King Street Wharf waterfront location.

Casa di Nico
King Street Wharf, Building/42-48 The Promanade, Sydney NSW 2000 ‎
Ph: (02) 9279 4115

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