The Choc Pot, Burwood

Sick of eating the same old chocolate concoctions at the chocolate cafe chains around town? There’s a new kid on the block in Burwood and they are hitting all the right notes with their fun menu that serves up chocolate desserts and drinks with a modern twist. Located across from Burwood Plaza, The Choc Pot opened in September and is a cosy little cafe which has been decked out in bright, inviting colours with trendy exposed lightbulbs hanging from the high ceilings.  There’s a few tables both inside and outside the cafe for dine-in options and there’s plenty on the menu to keep you occupied.

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate – $6

First up – their Red Velvet Hot Chocolate, which comes out with a layer of pinkish froth and a generous dollop of cream. On first sip, the Red Velvet flavour is quite subtle but as you get into the rest of the smooth hot chocolate, the classic Red Velvet flavour becomes more distinct and chunks of the cream add to the illusion of it being a liquid Red Velvet cake.

M&M Treasures Waffle – $14

Next comes their interesting M&M batter waffle drizzled with melted chocolate, which playfully incorporates the M&Ms into the waffle batter so that you occasionally get a crunchy surprise from the M&Ms as you munch through the waffle!

Molten Choc Pot – $14

At this point we’re experiencing some serious chocolate overload, but how could we resist their signature Molten Choc Pot dessert? I’m a huge fan of chocolate fondant, with its comforting melted chocolate centre which oozes out more liquid chocolatey goodness as you cut into it. The Choc Pot’s rendition takes away some of that messy chocolate river action, as it is served in a little ceramic pot so that the top of the chocolate fondant has been cooked through, but the innards underneath (encased within the pot) remain gooey! The delectable Callebaut chocolate they have used means that the melted chocolate sauce at the bottom of the pot makes for the perfect dip with the strawberries we’ve ordered on the side.

The owners are young and passionate about their new venture, choosing to use high calibre ingredients like Callebaut chocolate and Jersey milk in their products.  We love what they’re doing with the unconventional elements of their menu to stand out from the chocolate cafe chains in Sydney and can see that they are already building a following among the locals!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of The Choc Pot

The Choc Pot
7/1 Railway Parade, Burwood, NSW 2134
Ph: (02) 9715 5997

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