Maidreamin Digitized Cafe and Dining Bar, Shibuya Tokyo

On my list of themed restaurants to visit during my trip to Japan was a “maid cafe”. I had heard that these are crazy, quirky and quite different from anything you’ve ever seen before. Since my last themed restaurant experience turned out to be less than impressive, I was hoping that a maid cafe would be able to turn around my perceptions of themed restaurants.

Maidreamin is an international chain of maid cafes with 15 branches open so far. Today we’re visiting the Shibuya one which is characterised by neon-lit cubes on the ceiling and cartoon drawings all over the wall. It reminds me of a Super Mario game and I feel slightly inclined to jump up and punch one of the cubes. Usually the cafes have a smoking and non-smoking section, but this one is all smoking unfortunately so we had to put up with a little bit of smoke while eating.

Similar to other themed restaurants, Maidreamin charges a ¥500 cover charge (per hour) and each guest must order at least one menu item. The cover charge here is reasonable though, given that the maids are always in character with their puffy outfits and actually interact with you. Our maid is overly enthusiastic and “cute” acting and constantly chatting to us. It’s quite entertaining but a bit scary at the same time to wonder how she possibly keeps up this attitude all the time! During our hour here, the maids also held a performance (it’s like being inside a music video) and encouraged all patrons to sing and dance – definitely not an experience for the shy ones.

Bear Omelette Rice – ¥1,500

Eventually our food comes out and it is as cute as the place itself. I get the omelette rice (omuraisu) which contains a tomato-flavoured rice bear under a fluffy omelette, accompanied with two fried prawns and a caesar salad. Our maid even writes “LOVE” on it as she puts it on the table. It’s simple, tasty and way too cute to eat.

Bear Hamburg Steak – ¥1,200

Then there’s also the bear hamburger steak served on a hot plate, with cheese, olives and tomato sauce forming an adorable face.

Bear Curry Rice – ¥1,400

Our last main is the bear curry rice which contains pork katsu. Crispy and tasty, it’s as good as most other katsu curries with an added visual appeal.

Mew!mew! Parfait (Vanilla) – ¥800

We finish off our meal with a parfait featuring yet another cute animal. Ice cream, whipped cream, corn flakes and syrup is one tasty combination.

I absolutely adore this restaurant. Not only is the food cute, but the staff are entertaining and I have a lot of respect for them staying in character the whole time. I’d definitely come back here on my next trip to Japan. Thankfully the website shows that every branch has a different interior theme (love hearts, diner, modern and more) so I’ll be sure to check out a different one next time.

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Maidreamin Digitized Cafe and Dining Bar
Horaiya BLDG.B1F,30-1 Udagawacho Shibuya -ku
Tokyo 150-8010 Japan

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