Pottery Green Bakers, Lane Cove

Pottery Green Bakers is a cosy cafe on the main street of Lane Cove shops, delivering a surprising hit of Vietnamese cuisine crossed over with standard bakery fare like pork rolls and other assorted filled baguettes, as well as pho and a variety of pastries (sweet and savoury).

The interior evokes a bit of a warehouse bakery feel, but the wooden decor makes it feel quite homely and the dim lighting adds to the atmosphere. We take a table inside and made our orders at the counter – I had drifted to the side of the counter to see the selection of sausage rolls and quiches on display, but was swiftly reprimanded by the serving lady to only order at the counter with the cashier.

As it was brunchtime and we were at a bakery with the aroma of freshly baked bread everywhere, we decided to try 2 of their baguettes – one Classic Vietnamese pork roll and one Portuguese chicken to mix it up a bit. The Vietnamese pork roll used a different type of pork than I had tried elsewhere in Sydney, tasting less processed (though it was fringed with pink dye), and had a drier texture than the more Spam-like processed pork used in other pork rolls. My friend is a pork roll expert and declared that it was pretty decent, but was quite a Westernised adaptation of the classic Vietnamese dish. We were impressed by the fresh baguette, which had a deliciously crunchy exterior and lives up to standards expected from a proper bakery. The roll was a bit messy to handle though and the mayo was mostly concentrated on one part of the roll, which meant that the majority of the roll was dry and not as flavoursome.

Classic Vietnamese pork roll, $8

The Portuguese Chicken roll on the other hand, was much more tasty as the chicken pieces were thoroughly marinated in a delicious sauce and paired with lettuce, tomato and more mayo. The rolls both came sliced into halves, which made it easy to share and I’m glad that we were able to try both flavours as it kept things interesting for our tastebuds. The two halves of the rolls were pretty filling thanks to generous amount amount of innards and all that bread – I didn’t end up finishing mine.

Portuguese Chicken Roll, $9

My large mocha was a rather sizeable serving and was more weighted towards chocolate than coffee on the flavour spectrum.

Large mocha, $4

Overall, the service was a bit haphazard, alternating between friendly and not so friendly depending on the wait staff. It’s a cute spot for brunch on the lower North Shore, especially if you like baguettes as they have a large selection of flavours. I’m still curious about their pho and may be back to satiate my curiosity.

Pottery Green Bakers
112 Longueville Road, Lane Cove NSW 2066
Ph: (02) 9420 4793

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