Dust, Glebe

Glebe has been reinvigorated by the arrival of the Tramsheds, which have been repurposed into a foodie destination, bringing the community together with providores and quality eateries. When we arrived bright and early on a Sunday morning to beat the crowds, we found Dust bakery is one of few outlets that are actually open for breakfast.

Dust is nestled into a corner of the Tramsheds, with stylish blond wood decor and a glass display at the front showcasing all their freshly baked treats, as well as a wood fired pizza oven out the back. Our friendly waitress lets us know that all flour is milled and the bread baked on site  (the industrial kitchen area backs onto their cafe) – and it really shows in their super soft bread, which is woven into all the items on their simple breakfast menu.

Although there isn’t a lot to choose from, the classics are all there on the curated menu – I’d initially wanted the delish sounding Egg Pot (featuring coddled egg on a potato puree), but sadly the eggs were still in the process of being cooked sous vide and weren’t ready to be served at the early hour we had popped in. I went for the Bacon and Egg on Brioche instead and was impressed by how airy the brioche bun was (not overly sweet either), sandwiching a hearty serving of bacon, sunny side up egg and caciocavallo cheese and some BBQ sauce.

Bacon and Egg on Brioche, $12

The boy chose the Croque Monsieur and was rewarded with a delicious blend of ham, cheese, mustard and creamy bechamel sauce encased in slices of that tasty brioche. Simple but so satisfying.

Croque Monsieur, $12

Even after all that bread, we couldn’t leave without taking a few of their pastries away with us for the road – a flaky chocolate croissant, pistachio scroll and apple and pear danish. All in all, Dust is a top notch spot for a quality, fuss-free breakfast at reasonable prices for the calibre of ingredients.

Dust Bakery
1 Dalgal Way (off The Crescent), Forest Lodge, NSW 2037
Phone: (02) 9188 1485

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  • I went here on the weekend and loved the place. The owner’s passion for quality bread is infectious too. I can’t wait to go back and try more of their food.

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