Chanoma Café, Town Hall

Regent Place has recently seen a string of new restaurants open in the last 6 months and one of them is Chanoma Café, a matcha (green tea) tea house  It is small and cosy and a quick glance at the menu shows a large variety of cold green tea drinks, hot teas, lattes, desserts and fusion hot dogs which catch my eye.

Today I grab a drink and some hot dogs with my eating partner. I found the service a bit questionable as at the counter, I had to repeat my order (only three items…) four times before the waiter could remember what I ordered, and he spoke fluent English as well! However, I do forgive them as they are relatively new and in the end it’s more about the quality of the food rather than the service.

Matcha Float – $6

I start off with the matcha float which consists of green tea flavoured milk with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. I find the ice cream is very soft and melts much too quickly! This is probably because my drink is served around room temperature, and is only chilled by the ice cubes and ice cream which is quite disappointing. The green tea flavour is also quite subtle, leaving the drink with a more milky taste.

Chanoma Cheese Dog – $5.50

What I am most excited about are the fusion flavoured hot dogs! The Chanoma Cheese Dog comes out first which contains curry flavoured cabbage and melted cheese. The bread is toasty and soft and the sausage goes well with the curry flavours and cheese. The curry cabbage tastes a lot like onions, but no complaints here!

Teriyaki Chicken Dog – $5.50

The next hot dog contains teriyaki chicken breast with avocado and wasabi mayonnaise. Thankfully, the wasabi mayo isn’t overwhelming like the one I last time in Melbourne, and it tastes more like a cream sauce than mayo. The avocado adds texture but doesn’t do much flavour-wise as the chicken and wasabi mayo provide enough flavour.

Overall I’m quite happy with this new addition to Regent Place. Although the drink was a bit disappointing, I will be back to try some of the other drinks along with more hot dogs whenever I want a nice and cheap meal!

Chanoma Café
501 George St, Sydney (Regent Place)
Ph: (02) 9283 3131

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