Yume Sushi, Gladesville

Yume is a small chain of Japanese restaurants with their third and newest branch opening on the main Victoria Road in Gladesville. It is small, narrow and cosy with quirky wooden furnishings. I’m quite impressed by their menu after having a browse; it is very extensive with many options, has very affordable pricing and also has healthy options (brown rice and gluten free dishes) which will surely appeal to the increasingly health conscious foodie.

Flame Grilled Salmon and Scallop Nigiri Sushi – $3-$3.50/each

We start off our meal with some seared aburi salmon and scallop nigiri sushi. The salmon is very fresh tasty, juicy and well seared. I tried squeezing some lime juice on mine to add extra citrus flavours which surprisingly went well with the salmon, even though I added soy sauce and wasabi as well. The scallop was equally juicy and plump, seared lightly on the outside and was still slightly raw on the inside.

Little Lobster Roll – $18.90

Next up was the little lobster roll…or rather a big roll as it was definitely not a small piece of sushi. This contained tempura scampi, avocado, brown rice and lots of mayonnaise. Even though a scampi is technically a small lobster, I find it tastes a lot more like a big prawn. Nevertheless, the roll was served warm thanks to fresh tempura and rice. The roll tasted healthy due to the brown rice and bits of crunchy sesame coating the outside, but I’m pretty sure the tasty mayonnaise lowers the health factor by quite a bit. I found it a bit strange the tail was completely covered with tempura batter as well since most people don’t eat the tails, but I guess each to their own!

Wagyu Miso Yaki – $19.90

Our next main was the wagyu beef misoyaki which was served on a hot plate with assorted vegetables. It was cooked medium rare which left it succulent, however it had sweet soy undertones as opposed to salty miso. Despite not tasting like the name, it was still delicious!

Karaage Chicken Udon – $15.90

The last dish to come out was the karaage chicken udon. The chicken wasn’t crispy as it was served in the soup, but was very tender and well cooked, soaking up the flavours of the broth. The udon soup had soy undertones and was served very hot – perfect for cooler weather!

I’m glad Yume has opened a new branch closer to me, although the other two aren’t really that far away from this one (Drummoyne and North Strathfield), which gives the local customers more choice of which branch to head to! My experience here was great and I’ll be definitely back to try more from their extensive menu.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Yume Sushi

Yume Sushi
194 Victoria Rd, Gladesville, NSW
Ph: (02) 9816 5123

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