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Sushia Izakaya and Bar is a new Japanese restaurant that started off in regional Australia but has now opened up shop in the heart of Sydney! It is tucked away at the back end of the 20 Bond St retail precinct (behind Cafe Chicane), bordering Abercrombie Lane and features a modern architectural interior, with many wave inspired wall patterns.

Tonight we’re ordering off the menu which features a good range of Japanese dishes, covering the usual suspects of sushi, tempura, teppanyaki meat dishes, noodles and rice. For those who are also looking to eat with their eyes, there is also a sushi train incorporated into the layout which tempts you to nibble away at bite-sized pieces of sushi rolls and nigiri.

Agedashi Tofu with Almond Flakes – $8.50

We start off our meal with an entrée of agedashi tofu. This is deep fried silken tofu served with den-dashi sauce which tastes like a light sweet soy broth. The fried coating is very thin and crispy, and the sauce is quite shallow which helps prevent the fried coating from becoming soggy. This is one of the better agedashi tofus I have had before thanks to that sweet soy broth (many Japanese restaurants tend to soak the tofu or make this sauce too heavy). The almonds also add a nice textural element and is something not usually featured on a dish like this. It’s a thumbs up from both of us and it definitely impresses Yvn who isn’t usually a huge fan of agedashi tofu but eats up her share in no time.

Seafood Kushiyaki with Chilli Balsamic Sauce – $12.90

Next up is the seafood kushiyaki which features a skewered prawn, scallop and salmon topped with spicy balsamic sauce which tastes like XO sauce. Each piece of seafood has absorbed the chilli flavours which is good for those who enjoy some spiciness. For those who can’t take as much heat, I find the cold accompanying salad is very refreshing and complementary to the chilli flavours left behind on my tongue.

Sushi & Sashimi Platter – $34.90

Our next dish features some culinary artistry and it almost looks too pretty to eat. A large spread of salmon, tuna and kingfish sushi and sashimi is served on what appears to be a rock garden as the platter features large rocks and small pebbles. This is a great way to sample different types of sushi/sashimi, and it all goes down extremely well with the freshly made side of wasabi which is a nice change from the processed and packaged wasabi. For those who aren’t too into raw fish, the platter also includes cooked prawns, seared fish, egg and a chicken/avocado roll.

Wagyu Beef Steak – $29.50

By this stage we’re slowly becoming quite full from all the food but there is still one dish to go. Our wagyu beef steak comes out next and similarly to our sushi and sashimi platter, it is presented artfully. I like trying the whole dish together rather than in its separate elements, so I stack onto my piece of meat a little bit of each section – red onion salsa, soy-miso-pepper sauce and fried sweet potato noodles. The meat has slivers of delicious marbled fat through it which makes it soft and tender, going well with the sauces, along with different textures presented from the crunchy lotus root chips, sweet potato mash and crispy vegetables.

Overall, Sushia Izakaya and Bar is a great addition to the dining scene at Wynyard. Whenever I head to this end of the CBD, I often find it difficult to find good Japanese restaurants with extensive menus, but I believe my search is finally over! If the food isn’t enough to tempt you, they’ve got a unique selection of signature Japanese beers from various regions of Japan (no, not the commonly served Asahi and Kirin). Along with their happy hour drinks and impressive selection of food, I can tell that this sleek newcomer is definitely one to watch.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Sushia Izakaya and Bar

Sushia Izakaya and Bar
Ground Floor, Shop 4, 20 Bond Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9247 9911

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