Product Review: Di Bella Coffee

On my return from my recent trip to Italy, I have a newfound appreciation for the more balanced coffees that the Italians seem to favour, although they’re not as strong as the standard Sydney coffee. So when I popped into Macchiato cafe the other day, it was nice to find that the flat white I had ordered was smooth, quite well-rounded and balanced like the coffees I had grown accustomed to in Italy.

Flat White, $3.90

The beans used at Macchiato are from Di Bella Coffee, which is a brand I’ve seen before around town at several other cafes within the Sydney CBD. As it turns out, they’re actually an Australian company which has its roots in suburban Brisbane, where Phillip Di Bella started a small coffee roastery. From those small humble beginnings, they’ve since grown to become Australia’s largest specialty coffee roaster, now supplying to various cafes and restaurants nationally.

Soy Cappuccino, $4.90

We decided to try another coffee while we were there, and my friend ordered a soy cappuccino. Similarly to my flat white, she found that the coffee was quite smooth, with the barista heating up the soy milk to a nice, hot temperature without burning it.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Di Bella is the only company in Australia to source 100% of its beans directly from the farmer, through their Crop to Cup green bean purchasing initiative, which is no easy feat. I’ll be keeping my eye out for more cafes around Sydney that use their coffee beans – not only because of the consistently smooth coffees they seem to produce, but also because there’s the added bonus of knowing that you’re supporting the coffee farming communities in a small way so that our collective caffeine addiction is sustainable in the long run.

To find a cafe near you that sources their coffee beans from Di Bella Coffee, visit their store locator.

This post is sponsored by Di Bella Coffee

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