[VLOG] LYNN Shanghai Cuisine, Town Hall

Welcome to a new format for Excuse Me Waiter! Today we’re posting up a Vlog, or ‘video blog’, which is a video review. We’ll be doing more of these in the future just to ease your eyes from reading so much, and also because it’s a lot more interactive than written comments.

Today we revisit Lynn Shanghai Cuisine. Although we’ve already reviewed it, last time only Yvn went and so this time we went back together so that DK could try the delicious foods.

And boy was it tasty! Check it out! Like it and comment!
Hope you enjoy the video format 🙂


199 Castlereagh Street
Sydney NSW 2000
(02)9267 7780
Open Monday – Saturday 11am-9.30pm

Lynn Shanghai Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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