Zushi, Darlinghurst

Zushi has rebranded as Biru Biru

I am a massive fan of Japanese food and Zushi is a restaurant that has caught my eye often and been on my to-go-to list for a while now. Upon finding out that half price signature rolls during ‘Kamikaze Hour’ (6-7pm) were available daily at their Darlinghurst branch, I finally made the effort to find time to go order some sushi!

Located right in between Li’l Darlin and Gelato Messina, Zushi Darlinghurst is one of two branches within the CBD area. The restaurant has a long passage style layout and is quite small, seating probably no more than 30 people. When seated, I noticed that the waitresses were speaking Chinese – they’re weren’t Japanese! Oh well…I also noticed that the menu featured standard Japanese food and not much out of the ordinary. I was hopeful that the quality of the food did not reflect that.

Gyoza Roll (pork gyoza, cucumber, sesame seeds, shallots, wasabi mayo) – $17

Tonight my eating partner and I are ordering signature rolls only to take advantage of their deal. First up is the gyoza roll which features the gyoza pan-fried dumpling in a sushi roll. The pork gyoza inside is juicy and delicious and very unique with the wasabi mayo. I find that the rice is a bit dry, but otherwise this dish is very creative and tasty.

Ocean Roll (huon tasmanian salmon, cucumber, avocado, seared salmon belly, mustard mayo, sweet soy, tobiko) – $18

Next up is the ocean roll. I am a massive fan of seared salmon as half cooked salmon is much more succulent and juicy due to the oils which come out when seared. This roll is no different with fresh raw salmon inside and seared on the outside, the mustard mayo and sweet soy make a delicious combination.

Zuzhi Roll (crystal bay tempura prawn, cucumber, avocado, prawn + grilled eel, crunchy potato, mustard mayo + sweet soy) – $19

Our last roll is their signature Zushi roll. Upon eating this, I cannot taste the eel at all. However, the crunchy potato on the top is very fine, crispy and deliciously crunchy. It’s like eating chips with a sweet mayo and this roll is definitely a standout. The textures of soft prawn and potato are welcome with what is usually not-at-all-crunchy sushi and this little creative invention is a signature roll everyone should try.

Overall, despite what I thought was a standard Japanese menu, the signature rolls lift up the standard at Zushi and deliver tasty flavours. All this at half price as well if you order inbetween 6-7pm at the Darlinghurst branch! If you visit Zushi, the Zushi Roll is a definite must order and I know I’ll be back again soon…during Kamikaze Hour :)

239 Victoria Street Sydney NSW 2010
(02) 9357 3533

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  1. I wouldn’t expect this place to be 100% Japanese if they write sushi with a “z”… LOL. I think that Zushi roll has way too many things, it’s like when you put a million toppings on a pizza and you can’t taste individual components… simpler is better IMO.

  2. A roll with pork gyoza?? That sounds random, but delicious! I mean, I love ANYTHING with gyoza. Will have to give this place a try. Lovely pictures in this post.

  3. I’ll have to visit, I’m not really a fan of sushi, but these specimen look pretty amazing!

  4. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    I’m not used to sushi rolls having so much filling. Makes me quite overwhelmed haha but the sushi rolls do look quite appetizing here at Zushi.

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