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In the last month, I mentioned that Eastwood had seen three new restaurants hit the dining scene including Pho Gia Hoi. One of them includes Crazy Wings which has two other branches at Chinatown and Chatswood. The Eastwood branch is a short walk from the train station and local car park and is small with wooden furnishings. It features a range of BBQ skewers and small nibbles which are perfect for sharing. Since its opening, delicious BBQ smells have wafted out and there has always been a queue outside, so I thought that I’d check it out.

A quick glance at the menu reveals that a lot of the menu items come in portions of three or four, so this suited my party of three perfectly. The prices were also reasonable and a great variety of meats were featured. Hopefully it tastes just as good as it sounds!

Crazy Lamb – $8 / half dozen

First up are 6 pieces of crazy lamb! The format for Crazy Wings is that there is a communal ‘meat plate’ on the table, and all your dishes (or skewers) and brought out onto this plate. Our skewers of lamb are tender and taste like a lot of cumin and spices, however I find that it is a bit salty and I need some water to help it go down.

Chicken Heart – $6 / 4 pieces

Following this is the chicken heart. Not to everyone’s taste, my friend thoroughly enjoyed this whilst I tried it for the sake of food blogging! I’m not usually a fan of eating hearts due to the coppery taste, however this one has been grilled so much that it just tastes chewy. The flavour is spicy, with lots of exotic herbs but is once again too salty.

Crazywings (Original, Fresh Garlic, Chilli Pepper) – $2.50 each

Next are the crazy chicken wings. There is a total of six variations and each one serves two per serving (essentially 2 wings for $2.50). To be honest, I couldn’t differentiate between the three variations and each one tasted the same – oily and soy marinated with lots of spices. Once again, it was much too salty and by this time I was craving some bland noodle soup or rice to combat the saltiness.

BBQ Octopus – $6 / 3 pieces

Our last dish was the BBQ octopus. It was grilled tenderly with a nice garlic flavour but was a bit too oily. I found this the best dish out of the four, but it was only of average standard so that doesn’t say a lot about the other dishes.

Overall, I don’t think I can come back here unless I am armed with a bottle of water and some plain bread or rice. The food was all way too salty for my liking and it all tasted the same. Following this meal, our party of three went to eat some congee and needless to say, it was amazing because it was not filled with soy marinade and spices.

Crazy Wings
Shop 1, 183-185 Rowe St Eastwood

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