Best of the Burbs – Cabramatta & Canley Heights

Cabramatta is a food-lover’s heaven – there’s a plethora of dining options, every second store on the main street is a restaurant, and it’s one of the most affordable suburbs in Sydney.

If that wasn’t enough, Canley Heights is just down the road with just as many places to eat. It’s no wonder we managed to spend an entire day eating our way through both areas.


Head to one of the many Yum Cha restaurants, such as the popular Iron Chef Chinese Seafood Restaurant. There’s a great selection of dishes available and also complimentary tea. We’d recommend going early (around 11am) as there will always be a wait if you arrive after midday. Otherwise, Vietnamese food is the way to go. Pick yourself up some yummy Pho (pronounced ‘fur’) at Pho Phung or Pho Tau Bay.


If you’re not too full from lunch, head to Giai Khat to quench your thirst. They do fantastic juices with whatever fruit combination you choose from their fresh display. Otherwise, be a bit more adventurous and try an Avocado Shake. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there’s a subtle sweetness in the flavour that a lot of the locals enjoy.

Afternoon Tea

Hidden in one of the alleyways is Crispy Crepe, a small (but very cool) crepe cafe. Get one of the sundaes (we recommend the Green Tea flavour), which contains a fun combo of ice cream, marshmallows, wafer sticks, chocolate sauce, corn flakes, and chocolate raisins inside a crepe.


Make your way towards Canley Heights and check out the various Thai and Laotian restaurants. Our favourites are Holy Basil and 12 Spiceswhich do fantastic barbecue and stir fry dishes. Holy Basil’s fried ice cream is the BEST fried ice cream we have ever tasted. Rich vanilla bean ice cream wrapped in thin filo pastry and lightly fried with desiccated coconut – it’s the best ending to any night.

Have you been to Cabramatta or Canley Heights? We’d love to hear your recommendations below.


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