Peter Doyle @ The Quay

A happy belated birthday to our dear friend Michelle! Today we are celebrating her birthday with a dinner at Peter Doyle @ the Quay.

Located at Circular Quay, Peter Doyle @ the Quay (not to be mixed up with Quay Restaurant which is in the same building) overlooks the stunning Sydney harbour. We are seated in the corner and receive prime views of the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, score! Tonight we are dining on the winter special menu priced at $30 per person – not a bad price for the location, but will the food be up to scratch?

Fisherman’s Fish Chowder

First up for the entree is a well-portioned serving of seafood chowder. It contained fish fillets and vegetables, which combined to create a tasty soup with a rich and creamy consistency. I also had a pleasant surprise when I found a beautiful piece of salmon in mine, which was soft and tender thanks to the slow cooking process for the chowder.

Grilled fish of the day with a light curry sauce & served with Jasmine rice

Following this we are given a choice of either a fried or grilled version of fish and chips for our mains. I got the grilled fish with a red curry sauce (or so I am told). I’m quite disappointed by the sauce; it tastes like a sour tomato sauce and not like red curry at all. The snow peas don’t have any flavour either and taste as though they have just been plain boiled. A dish to be avoided, if you have the choice of another main.

Fish and Chips served traditionally: Golden fried in beer batter & served with potato chips

Yvn picked the fried version of the fish and chips instead, which turned out to be appropriately crispy without being too oily. We weren’t given any sauce with this so we asked for some tartare sauce (maybe they just forgot?). This was light, but still added some much needed flavour to the fish.

There wasn’t a dessert included in the set menu but there is a glass of house wine (red/white) or James Boag beer included to up the value. Thankfully we brought our own dessert and  got to have some lovely chocolate cake for my friend’s birthday!

Overall, I’m not a fan of the place. Although the entree was good, I was quite disappointed by the mains. I can think of a lot of places I can spend $30 at to receive a much better meal than fish and chips, and if I return I will be ordering a la carte off the menu. I guess this is the price premium you pay when you want gorgeous harbour views as a backdrop to your meal.

Peter Doyle @ The Quay
Overseas Terminal, Circular Quay
Sydney New South Wales 2000
Ph: (02) 9252 3400

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  • Christine says:

    Hmm, shame it wasn’t that great. Still good to see your review of it though.. I guess a lot of places in the city price jump for the view and sacrifice a decent meal for it! 🙁

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