Fergburger and Fergbaker, Queenstown, New Zealand

The last time I went to Queenstown, I told you guys all about their amazing burger joint called Fergburger. Upon returning to Queenstown this year, it was similarly our very first meal of the trip after our plane trip left us famished. To my delight, they’ve also opened a bakery next door called Fergbaker, which was my last meal of the trip. But first, let’s see if the burgers are just as good as last time!

Tropical Swine – NZD$13.90

This time I opt for the Tropical Swine, which consists of New Zealand beef, bacon, cheddar cheese, pineapple, lettuce, tomato, red onion, aioli and tomato relish. The burger is as big as it sounds; it is juicy (thanks to the very sweet pineapple) with a wonderful balance of meats and vegetables. It is extremely filling and leaves me so full, and it’s the same story for the rest of my group where everyone ends up being exhausted from eating!

The only bad thing about the burgers being so big is that I can’t eat anymore on the same day. So I return a couple days later for my final meal at Fergbaker. The bakery offers a range of breads, sandwiches, pastries, cakes and pies, all freshly baked out back. There is an assortment of goodies all over the store and it’s hard to choose what to eat, but I finally settle on some of their tasty sounding pies.

Prawn & Chorizo Pie – NZD$6.50

The first pie I decide to try is the prawn and chorizo pie. I’ve never seen this combination before and am definitely intrigued. The pie filling is tomato based, with about 3-4 prawns inside and lots of chorizo. The sauce is a veloute sauce made with capsicum, braised fennel, dill and coriander. It is also spicy and left my tongue tingling but definitely wanting more.

Pork Belly Pie – NZD$6.50

Thankfully a single pie is not enough to fill me up so I got bought another pie, this time the pork belly. This contained large, plentiful chunks of succulent, slow roasted pork in a caramelised apple and dijon mustard sauce. I’m surprised by how soft the pork is as it basically melts in your mouth and am beyond impressed by the gourmet flavours these pies exhibit. Another delicious pick!

Banoffee Mini Tart – NZD$4

To finish off the pies, I try the banoffee mini tart. This consists of a small shortbread crust tart shell with caramel and banana cream, topped with chocolate dust. It tastes a lot like Jazz City Diner’s banana cream pie, and even rivals the flavour despite using banana cream and not pieces of banana. It is a tiny package of delight and perfect for those wanting to indulge in a little bit of sweetness.

As much as I love Fergburger, I think I prefer the newly opened Fergbaker. I’m a sucker for baked goods and I can get a lot more variety in one meal before I am stuffed full. These two outlets are a must visit for anyone heading to Queenstown, and I pray that they expand to Sydney soon! As the motto says ‘In Ferg we trust’, we definitely can trust them to serve up delicious food for hungry tourists.

Fergbaker / Fergburger
40 and 42 Shotover St
Queenstown, New Zealand

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