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This restaurant has now closed.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate enough to travel to Paris and had the most amazing pastries and croissants there. Ever since returning to Sydney, it has been so hard to find something even comparable to European pastries. I often find the ones here much too buttery, salty or just not fluffy and light enough, so you can imagine my delight when I found out a new viennoiserie was opening its doors in the Sydney CBD.

Dulce Luna opened in early December and specialises in sweet and artisan pastries. We attended their opening launch to try their delectable range of sweet and savoury pastries. The owner Gus tells us that he has travelled the world to taste test and to perfect the pastries he wants to bring to Sydney. This is apparent in the talent with their French head chef Hervé Boutin, and his assistants who are Spanish and Italian – truly an interesting mix of European cultures in the kitchen.

Plain (sweet) croissant

The first croissant we sample is the plain sweet croissant, which is light and fluffy – the hallmarks of a signature Parisian croissant and the right texture to make a great base for flavoured variations. Although this croissant doesn’t contain any fillings, Dulce Luna adds a bit of interest to the original croissant with a sweet lemon scented glaze.

Raspberry croissant

Next up is the raspberry croissant and this ends up being an instant favourite among the attendees. It is packed full of flavour, with sweet and fruity notes as well as a bit of tanginess thanks to fresh raspberry in the jam-like filling.

Almond croissant

Another winner in my books is the almond variation, which features almond flakes on the top, adding a textural element to the soft pastry. It also contains a sugary custard-like filling which complements the pastry.

Chocolate croissant

The chocolate croissant comes out next and is characterised by the swirls of milk chocolate on the top layer. It contains a melted chocolate centre which all chocolate lovers will appreciate. We can imagine this croissant tasting even better when served fresh from the oven, paired with a cup of hot coffee.

Crème patisserie croissant

For those who prefer custard croissants, Dulce Luna has the crème patisserie which contains a smooth, creamy custard filling. While it is a decent rendition, it is not as distinctively flavoured as the other croissants we have tried.

Dulce de Leche croissant

The final sweet croissant we sample is the Dulce de Leche, which is a type of South American caramel sauce and is featured in this croissant as an homage to the owner’s culinary adventures in Argentina. The thick caramel filling is quite intensely flavoured but works well with the buttery layers of the croissant.

Ham, cheese and béchamel croissant

Now it’s time for the savoury croissants! Dulce Luna only offers two types compared to the many sweet ones in their repertoire. The first of the savouries we try is the classic ham and cheese. There are some herbs sprinkled on top which add some extra flavour to the fairly ordinary cheese and ham fillings.

Spinach and feta croissant

Last but not least, is the spinach and feta version which is a classic combination with a soft sautéed spinach filling and feta cheese enveloped throughout.

My conclusion is that Dulce Luna is a fresh and very welcome addition to the food scene in Sydney. They offer an array of fresh sweet and savoury croissants which few other bakeries in Sydney can match. If you’re after a slice of Europe without the hassle of travelling there, Dulce Luna is the place for you. Special offer until 31st March 2013! When you follow Dulce Luna on Facebook or Twitter you can get:

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Excuse Me Waiter attended as guests of Dulce Luna and Nuffnang
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