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Helm Bar is one of those spots which sees a lot of foot traffic go past it thanks to its convenient location sandwiched between the Pyrmont Bridge and Sydney Aquarium, right next to the waterfront at Darling Harbour. If you venture upstairs at Helm Bar, you will find a bar/restaurant which plays up its nautical theme and location with plenty of outdoor and indoor seating options. This is great for basking in the fresh sea breeze and sunshine if the weather permits, like the one sunny Saturday morning we visited to take part in a Bloggers Pizza Making Competition run by Wasamedia PR and Helm Bar. The grand prize? The winning creation goes on the menu at Helm Bar for 3 months and is named after the blog who created it!

The menu at Helm Bar already boasts a range of interesting gourmet pizzas which we get to try before we get our hands dirty for the competition and there were a few clear standouts from the menu. The Peking Duck tasted just like my favourite type of pancake on a pizza with a tasty combination of signature hoi sin sauce, juicy duck meat, green shallots to garnish, cucumber ribbon salad and oyster mushrooms soaking up  all the flavours.

Peking Duck pizza, $19.50

The Prawn & Scallop pizza was simple yet full of fresh lightly grilled seafood which suited the casual seaside ambience of Helm Bar down to a tee. Their chilli oil was more like a chilli creamy sauce which added a welcome hit of slight spiciness and went well with the smoked trout salad and buffalo mozzarella used on this pizza.

Prawn & Scallop pizza, $19.50

The Mexican Chicken pizza was also a hit with everyone thanks to the jalapenos and avocado salsa, which provided rich spicy undertones to the chicken and buffalo mozzarella.

Mexican Chicken pizza, $18.50

The size of each of these crispy thin crust pizzas is just right for one hungry person or 2 people to share over drinks and Helm Bar do a great promotion on Thursday nights when all pizzas are $12, making a fantastic spot for some after work drinks and nibbles by the harbourside.

The Excuse Me Waiter creation – Vampire Repellent

As much as we were getting distracted by the gorgeous view while we were chowing down on the pizzas, we did eventually need to get back to some pizza making for the competition. After some hard work picking ingredients and placing them artfully on Helm Bar’s thin pizza bases, the Excuse Me Waiter creation was christened the “Vampire Repellent” pizza and ended up featuring prawns, caramelised onions, garlic, spinach, avocado salsa and a drizzle of our favourite Japanese Kewpie mayo to top it all off.

Everybody Loves Ramen’s creation

Bellyrumbles’ winning creation

We faced very strong competition from Everybody Loves Ramen  and Bellyrumbles who came up with some very inventive combos but after some intense tastetesting, the judges were unanimous in declaring that the winning pizza was Sara’s amazing native Australian inspired pizza with homemade lemon myrtle sauce and dukkah meatballs. Congratulations Bellyrumbles – we’re looking forward to trying out your phenomenal pizza as part of Helm Bar’s menu when it launches!

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of Helm Bar and Wasamedia PR

Helm Bar
Wheat Rd Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9290 1571

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