A Greek Feast with Steve & Helen from My Kitchen Rules

In April, George’s Mediterranean Bar & Grill at King Street Wharf opened up their restaurant to 2012 My Kitchen Rules contestants, siblings Steve & Helen, who hosted a magnificent Greek feast! This was a four course meal featuring custom made dishes from Steve & Helen, along with some favourites off George’s menu, to celebrate the Greek Festival of Sydney, and it was definitely an unforgettable celebration.

Melizanosalata & Revithosalata with Grilled Pita Bread

The night kicks off with some warm pita bread which is accompanied by melizanosalata (eggplant dip) and revithosalata (chickpea dip). The eggplant dip is my favourite as it is rich and full of flavour, going very well with the pita bread. The chickpea dip is also quite tasty, it’s like a lighter version of creamy hummus, and isn’t too heavy despite containing chickpeas.

Soft grilled haloumi with Home made tomato jam

Next up is the grilled haloumi served with Steve’s tomato jam which he says is a secret family recipe. The haloumi is grilled to perfection; it is soft and moist and goes even better with the tomato jam which adds an amazing sweet kick to it.

Steve’s Saganaki prawns with feta cheese, cherry tomatoes and olive oil

This is followed shortly by another one of Steve’s creations. These prawns have been well looked after, being unshelled and de-veined, and have a strong tomato flavour. It’s a great combination with the cherry tomatoes and fetta cheese enveloped throughout the dish.

Lemon Potatoes and Horta

Slow Cooked Greek Lamb shoulder 

Next is the main that everyone has been waiting for, slow cooked lamb shoulder! It is tender, juicy and very fragrant from the simple herbs and jus it has been slow cooked in. This is the definition of hearty, honest home cooking. This is accompanied by a side of lemon potatoes and horta, however both of these are overshadowed by the main.

Chocolate Bougatsa with Sour Cherry Cream

To round off the meal, we are served two desserts. The first is essentially a chocolate parcel baked in filo pastry. It is warm and oozes chocolate when it is cut apart, and goes very well with the side of cherries and fresh cream.

Traditional Cypriot Desserts, Daktyla

The other dessert is a Daktyla, which looks like a churro that has been filled with almonds. The pastry is crispy and very sweet, with a shiny coating that looks like sugar syrup.

Overall, I had a wonderful time at Steve & Helen’s Greek Feast! They are extremely friendly and down to earth, visiting each table and chatting with everyone. They also brought along their friend who played the bouzouki which got a lot of people dancing towards the end of the night! Although some dishes were Steve & Helen’s creations, some of the dishes also belonged to George’s Mediterranean Bar & Grill including that delicious lamb and chocolate bougatsa which are both definitely worth returning for.

Check out Steve & Helen’s Facebook page which is updated with upcoming events they host.

Excuse Me Waiter dined as guests of King Street Wharf and The PR Partnership

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