Blackflower Patisserie, Haymarket

After spotting the name of Blackflower Patisserie popping up on our Instagram feed, I decided to find this elusive place where interesting flavours of macarons seemed to come from. Blackflower is conveniently located right across from Market City and only opened around the end of 2012, which explains why I had never noticed it before despite its central Chinatown location. As its name might hint, the patisserie is an offshoot of the popular Passionflower ice cream chain and the Asian fusion flavour combinations which have become the signature at Passionflower carry over into the Blackflower experience too.

The store is fitted out with modern furnishings, with an all black and glossy interior and an open plan vibe thanks to the lack of barriers between some of the tables and the sidewalk, making it a good spot for people watching. There’s a lot of sweets on display behind the glass counter but as we were there at brunch time, we were drawn to the selection of fusion quiches scribbled onto the blackboard and promptly decided on the Pork Belly and Kimchi, as well as the Salted Duck Egg and Chorizo quiches. They sounded mouthwatering, but unfortunately didn’t live up to expectations for us. Both quiches were overwhelmingly eggy, with pastry bases that had a tart like texture and it was disappointing that the interesting Asian ingredients in each didn’t quite meld together. The chorizo in the Salted Duck Egg quiche also looked more like the thin Chinese preserved sausages (lap cheong) rather than the juicy Spanish chorizos I was expecting.

Salted Duck Egg and Chorizo Quiche; Pork Belly and Kimchi Quiche, $7 each

I enjoyed the Pork Belly and Kimchi quiche a bit more, although it took quite a few bites before I actually tasted any pork belly or kimchi. Also, since these ingredients had been baked, they had lost some of their distinctive flavours and the meat tasted a bit drier than usually expected from pork belly, while the kimchi didn’t have the usual full-fledged spicy sour kick to it.

We decided to move onto the desserts by trying out their Orgy cake – all their sweet treats have rather cheeky, naughty names but it’s all part of the fun. This cake with a playful heart rate graphic drizzled on in chocolate also featured alternating layers of cream and sponge cake with flavours of sweet miso, burnt caramel and toffee. This flavour combo called out to me because I’m a fan of the taste of caramel, as I find it more it has more depth than chocolate and this cake does a decent job showcasing the subtle gradients of caramel flavour with a touch of bitterness.

Orgy cake, $6.50

Of course, we couldn’t leave without sampling some of their gorgeous looking macarons and although some of the flavours I had wanted to try weren’t available today (such as Thai Milk Tea), they had a couple of interesting flavours like Wasabi White Chocolate and Cheeseburger which had my name all over it. The Wasabi macaron was stronger flavoured than other ones I’ve tried which use the intense Japanese horseradish as an ingredient, but luckily it wasn’t too overpowering, and the white chocolate had done a good job in tempering the spiciness and balancing out the flavours. The Cheeseburger macaron was almost too adorable to eat; the detailing on it is quite intricate considering the small surface area they had to work with – they had used all the right colours, faux cheese and real sesame seeds to imitate the real deal. But thankfully it was a sweet version of it rather than an actual miniature savoury cheeseburger unlike Brendan Dewar‘s version which had incorporated real lettuce. Instead Blackflower’s rendition tasted just like a chocolate biscuit with the creamy chocolate “patty” tasting delectable!

Wasabi White Chocolate and Cheeseburger Macarons, $3 each

I like the fun, playful vibe of Blackflower which oozes trendiness in its decor and its sinful sweet creations and will definitely be back for more macarons in cheeky flavours and indulgent cakes with some coffee!

Blackflower Patisserie
37 Ultimo Road
Haymarket NSW 2000
Phone:(02) 9211 8383

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