Lindt Creation Range Launch at Lindt Chocolate Cafe, Martin Place

The smooth, buttery texture of Lindt chocolate has always been one of my favourites for when I’m madly craving chocolate and the variety of new flavours that they have come up with over the years has only added to the love for me. Lindt & Sprüngli chocolate is internationally famous for good reason – it has a long and rich history in the chocolate making business which started in 1845 in Zurich, Switzerland and in 1879, founder Rodolphe Lindt also invented a machine called the Conche which revolutionised the refining of cocoa. This has become widely used throughout the chocolate industry to create that distinctive “melt in your mouth” texture.

The legacy of Lindt’s innovation continues today, with their recent Australian launch of a gourmet range of indulgent flavours under the banner of Lindt Creation. We were invited to sample the new flavours at the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place, which has been recently revamped with luxurious furnishings and now includes a glass display Maître Station where chocaholics can watch Lindt’s Master Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler creating their delectable goodies.

Each of the new dessert inspired Lindt Creation chocolates comes in a 100g block with 10 “pillows” in each pack which contain a delicious soft filling. Our chocolate tasting session involved trying out a “pillow” of each of the new flavours, starting with the Heavenly Creme Brulee which lived up to its name. It contained Lindt’s signature milk chocolate enveloping a creamy vanilla filling that oozed out on first bite and had caramelised sugar crunches laced throughout it. This exquisite chocolate parcel did taste a lot like a real creme brulee dessert and was my favourite of the night. Next up was the Velvety Vanilla Almond which was an even more indulgent milk chocolate based creation featuring a rich caramel sauce which is reminiscent of butterscotch, decadent white chocolate truffle cream and of course, sprinkles of finely chopped roasted almond pieces.

From left to right: Heavenly Creme Brulee, Velvety Vanilla Almond, Divine Hazelnut, Sumptuous Orange

The Divine Hazelnut is more subtle compared to the first two Creations we tried, with the lovely nuttiness of the hazelnut slivers in the soft filling melding beautifully with the extra fine milk chocolate and a nice crunch from the almond praline. We finished off with the Sumptuous Orange which combines some glace candied orange pieces and a dash of Cointreau with Lindt’s delicious dark chocolate for a gourmet twist on the zesty citrus chocolate notes of a Jaffa.

I have never really thought about the steps involved in chocolate processing but Lindt’s Master Chocolatier kindly took us on a behind the scenes look at how Lindt craft their chocolate all the way from the cocoa pod stage to the final product:

1. Cocoa pod – cut by hand from cacao trees in equatorial jungles

2. Cocoa beans 

3. Cocoa nibs

4. Cocoa liquor – sour and bitter liquid extracted from cocoa beans

5. Cocoa butter – extracted from cocoa bean and used to make white and milk chocolates

6. Cocoa cake – crumbly, bitter chunks of cocoa

7. Cocoa powder

8. Tempering the chocolate

9. Coating the moulds

10. Layering of caramel

11. Piping in vanilla cream filling and almonds

12. Encasing the chocolate pillow – left in the fridge to set

13. Voila! Finished product – freshly made Velvety Vanilla Almond Lindt Creation

It was quite an enlightening journey to follow the product from the cocoa trees in the tropical jungles, through the various stages of refining the beans and finally, the delicate process of layering the filling to become the delectable chocolate we know and love. After we finished watching Lindt’s Master Chocolatier work his magic, we continued our chocolate overdose with a cup of silky, liquid milk chocolate from their free flowing  chocolate tap and were blown away by how intensely thick the molten hot chocolate was! Luckily this indulgent treat is mostly used by their baristas to create coffees and hot drinks which mellows out its guilty pleasure factor a bit and knowing this, I’ll be heading back to the Lindt Chocolate Cafe at Martin Place next time I’m craving a mocha.

In our eyes, Lindt Creation fills a gap in their range by combining the soft, liquid centres of Lindor Balls with Lindt’s flavoured block range to produce a superb range of sweet treats that deliver a hit of gourmet dessert flavours with every bite which will satisfy anyone with a sweet tooth.

Lindt Chocolate Cafe
53 Martin Place
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8257 1600

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