Excelsior Jones, Ashfield

It looks like the spread of trendy suburban cafes throughout Sydney’s inner west has reached Ashfield with the arrival of Excelsior Jones, a hip eatery located on the triangular corner block of Queen Street in a quiet residential area. The decor is simple with an open kitchen and plenty of light wooden furniture in the relatively spacious interior.  Although there’s quite a few tables inside, it gets quite popular around lunch and there may be a wait to get a table.

Excelsior Jones do all day breakfast on weekends and although their lunch options look tasty, my friend and I are more drawn to their breakfast menu so we order a Bacon & Egg sandwich and House Cured Salmon Hash to share. We’re very impressed by the Bacon & Egg sandwich – two perfectly toasted slices of brown bread with a smear of intensely garlicky aioli and tasty capsicum relish elevating the familiar flavours of crispy bacon, runny poached egg and rocket. It’s a bit hard to share since the egg yolk oozes everywhere when you slice up the sandwich, but it’s worth the mess!

Bacon and Egg Sandwich, $10

The more intriguing sounding Salmon Hash was a very generous serving of grilled herbed potato bits with shredded salmon tossed in throughout and a glorious poached egg on top. The dish was fantastic as it contained fried buckwheat pieces which added a nice crunch and some big bulbs of pearl shallots for extra flavour. It’s actually a very filling dish thanks to all the carbs and I would recommend you share it, otherwise it will be carb overload!

House Cured Salmon Hash, $16

We also ordered an Organic Orange and Mandarin sparkling juice and Lime & Coconut Milkshake to wash down all the delicious food. The juice was just the sugar hit I needed after our morning jog with lovely sweet notes of mandarin, but it was more sparkling water than actual juice. The milkshake tasted very exotic, as expected with a combo like lime and coconut which immediately reminded us of the distinctive flavours of Thai desserts when we had our first sip. It’s an interesting flavour to have on the milkshake menu and definitely worth a try, either for the novelty factor or if you’re a fan of Thai sweets.

Organic Orange and Mandarin sparkling juice, $4.50

Lime & Coconut Milkshake, $6.50

The chilled out, friendly vibe of Excelsior Jones makes it an easy choice for brunch and we will be back to try more of their menu, although the popularity of the cafe means that we’ll have to factor in more time for our food to come out next time!

Excelsior Jones
139A Queen Street, Ashfield NSW 2131
Phone: (02) 9799 3240

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  • This looks like an excellent cafe for brunch, their menu sounds fab! especially the hash and i’ve never seen a coconut lime milkshake, genius idea!

  • i always loved going to Ashfield for dumplings but been hearing some good hype about this one. very keen to try the house cured salmon hash!

  • milkteaxx says:

    i came here when it first opened, queued over an hour for the food. it was good! i had the hash with pork hock, the best potatoes ever! cant wait to return!

  • Miss Piggy says:

    The salmon hash looks great! I wouldn’t be sharing that. I’ve heard the cheeseburger here is really excellent.

  • Mandarin juice and that milkshake sure sound good!

  • The second time, mum came along and the salmon hash was a must for her to try and me to eat more of 😀 We also tried the bacon and egg sandwich ($10) (with capsicum relish, rocket and aioli) and sautéed field mushrooms on toast ($14).

  • Rude and dodgy cashier practices says:

    On 2 separate occasions the invoice provided to me by the Excelsior Jones (Queen St, Ashfield NSW) cashier did not contain an ABN (Aust Business Number). I need this in order to make a reimbursement claim at work. When I called up and politely asked for this, I was told to call back and speak to the ‘manager’. When I did speak to the ‘manager’ several hours later, he flatly refused to provide an ABN because it is ‘private’.

    • EJ says:

      The blogger Excuse Me Waiter kindly let us(excelsior jones operators) know about this comment. Our ABN is certainly no secret. It is 67158525172. Our docket printer had an issue for a little while but is now fixed. I’m sorry you felt like we were keeping our ABN from you. Certainly not the case. Regards, Jim & Ant

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