Dog Dog Japon, Town Hall

This restaurant has closed and rebranded as Dera-Uma

Our love for Mappen and Oiden is well documented on this blog – so we were quite keen to try out the newest venture from that group into hot dogs, fittingly called Dog Dog Japon and located inside the same arcade as Mappen.

Hot dogs are particularly well suited to the tasty fast food model adopted by these eateries and of course, Dog Dog Japon has an extensive menu of all sorts. Variations range from the traditional sausage Hot Dogs to crazier flavours like an Okonomiyaki Dog (a.k.a Japanese pancake in a hotdog). There’s quite a few Japanese dishes which have been recreated into hot dogs which is interesting to see. On top of that, there’s a choice of either long or short hot dogs (presumably half sized hot dogs) to cater for those who just want a small snack.

Between the four of us dining tonight, we’ve covered the field quite well across the spectrum of hot dogs on the menu. I’ve chosen the classic Cheese Hot Dog, which is a simple, yet delicious combo of melted cheese on top of a generous serving of onions and tomato to add some extra flavour to the sausage. The bread buns used at Dog Dog Japon are soft and reminscent of the bread from Asian bakeries like Breadtop and 85 degrees.

Cheese Hot Dog (long), $6.60

Moving onto the more interesting hot dogs, DK has chosen the quirky Yakisoba Dog which consists of fried noodles stuffed into the hot dog. The familiar flavours of Japanese style fried noodles are a bit of an odd combo with a bread bun at first, but it’s not bad.

Yakisoba Dog (long),$6.60

My two favourite dogs of the night were the ones that our friends chose. The Wagyu Sukiyaki dog had a wonderful filling of soft beef slices and vermicelli soaked in sweet soy sauce, while the Potato and Beef Croquette Dog had crumbed, crunchy croquettes with a creamy potato filling with specks of beef mince and was very flavoursome in its own right.

Wagyu Sukiyaki Dog (long), $6.60

Potato and Beef Croquette Dog, $6.90

We also ordered some sides to accompany the hot dogs – the Deluxe Fries were crunchy thick cut chips with a selection of fried dishes: a slice of pork katsu,  potato and beef croquettes and some rather dry chicken karaage. You can also order the fries with some unconventional Japanese fusion sauces like the Mentaiko Butter which unfortunately was much too rich and salty for our liking, from the overwhelming flavours of the fish roe and creamy butter. We ended up nibbling on most of the chips on their own, rather than dipping it into the butter.

Deluxe Fries, $6.90
Mentaiko Butter Chips, $4.50 

Dog Dog Japon continues the winning formula of cheap, tasty, fun fast food that the group behind Mappen and Oiden are turning into their signature. It’s a good spot to grab a quick, casual bite to eat – the only downside is that there isn’t much seating so you may need to takeaway!

Dog Dog Japon
537-551 George Street Sydney
Ph: (02) 9261 8814

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